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Many businesses today have realized the benefits of using electronic document management services. Whether it’s the efficient distribution of information to appropriate parties, the security of electronic backup, or any other advantages that come with an electronic document management system, forward-minded businesses are going electronic. 

Storing large quantities of paper copy is cumbersome and inefficient. If you’re considering streamlining your document system, contact River City Data for a free estimate today. We will create a custom solution that meets your specific needs and prepares you for the new age of data management. 

Why Are Companies Interested in Electronic Document Management Services?

If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen. Many companies live by that mantra. 

Written documentation is an unimpeachably clear form of communication. It eliminates potential confusion and provides a clear record for everyone involved to access. 

Documents are vital to most businesses. Keeping those documents safe, secure, and accessible is critical to good business management. 

It may feel secure to lock a paper copy in a filing cabinet, but records are demonstrably safer when kept in a secure electronic format

Digital files are easily backed up in cloud storage. If you have a cloud-based backup, you’ll never have to worry about a flood or fire wiping out all of your data. 

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Document management software helps you access files with a few keystrokes. And, unlike paper files, information can be tagged and cross-referenced. Companies using a management software system can search for data by any tagged field rather than seeking out a file by name.

Some companies choose to purchase a document management software program with the intent that employees will utilize the tools in it on their own. But employers who attempt this soon realize that managing documents in a data-heavy company is a full-time job. 

If you aren’t excited about the idea of adding to your staff, an electronic document management service is an excellent option. 

Companies providing professional management services are well-versed with the handling of sensitive information. They are experts at records management and providing security to your digital assets. 

Each page is individually prepared. Each scan is completed on professional-grade equipment, then reviewed for any defects and tagged to be made searchable in whatever way the business has designated.

1. Insurance Agencies

If ever there was a type of business that understood planning for contingencies, it would have to be an insurance company. 

Insurance companies process vast quantities of paper every day: applications, claims, cancellations, and policy statements. 

Insurance operations run more smoothly with electronic document management services. Paper documents can be scanned as they are received and routed as needed with no time wasted in transit.

Agents can find the details of a client’s policy in the time it takes to type their name with searchable digital files. 

When insurance companies have their clients complete forms electronically, dedicated software ensures all fields are completed with the appropriate type of data, reducing omission errors. 

2. Law Firms

Legal specialists are obsessive about their data. Documents must be secure. The typeset needs to be clear. 

Law firms know that each page of the paper copy will be carefully prepared and scanned when they choose professional electronic document management services. Staples and paperclips will be removed. Scans will be monitored for blurring or other failures. 

The benefits of using a professional scanning service are clear: businesses get professional service from dedicated experts and the most current technology available.

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3. Libraries

Libraries: the land of cross-referencing. At one point in history, researching in a library meant locating the card catalog, then searching by title, author, or subject. 

Those days are gone. 

A stereotypical library does not evoke images of the cutting edge of data technology. But libraries are continually moving with the times, adding new data and new formats.

Libraries are all about the preservation, advancement, and sharing of information. That might come in the form of a best-selling story, or it might happen with the discovery of a key piece of information in an old local newspaper.  

At one time in history, a library user needed to ask the librarian for help if they were looking for something obscure. With electronic document storage, anyone accessing the library can search for an infinite variety of topics. 

Scanned digital documents are searchable by keyword. Periodicals are no longer fragile, yellowing pages with faded print.

4. Real Estate Companies

Realtors need to cross-reference and compare information from a variety of sources on a daily basis. Current listings, pending sales by zip code or street-level boundaries, and many other fractured pieces of data come together to help realtors guide clients to the perfect property.

The right software system is critical to comparing data from different programs. 

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5. Pharmacies

Pharmacies retain sensitive documents and health information. Cross-referencing prescription drug information can be a matter of life or death. 

Pharmacists are experts at cross-checking various medications. They receive data for every medication they dispense. 

Managing that data and having ready access to searchable documents makes the pharmacist’s number one job – keeping patients safe – much easier to accomplish. 

Your Business Will Benefit from an Electronic Document Management System, Too. 

Any company that has a need to be highly organized will receive value from electronic document management. Strategic business owners will recognize the added value of retaining a professional service to handle this task. 

Every day you delay moving into the electronic world adds up to more information to be scanned when you do take the plunge. Step boldly into the digital world. 

Contact River City Data today. We will provide an electronic data management service geared to your specific needs to help your business keep looking forward. And, if you do need to look back, your data will be there for you.


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Electronic medical records are drastically improving how healthcare organizations store, access, and share medical information. Hospitals and clinics want to utilize the best EMR systems have to offer to improve patient care. Paper medical charts and information needs to be uploaded through medical records scanning, so all data is accessible through the EMR. 

You want to trust a reputable company with customer loyalty, brand recognition, business longevity, and prosperity for your scanning projects. It is smart to outsource medical documents to industry experts like River City Data, who can ensure security during the scanning process. 

Contact River City Data for a free estimate on secure medical document scanning. River City Data offers trusted medical records scanning for healthcare organizations to save you time and effort. 

Why Do I Need to Digitize Medical Records?

Electronic medical records give health care professionals instant access to patient information. Instant access is especially helpful in emergencies when the staff does not have time to look through paper charts. Doctors and nurses can immediately view allergies and medications of patients using a tablet or mobile computer.

Digitizing medical records also allows practitioners to keep the focus where it matters the most: on the patients. Paper charts tend to be more time consuming on the professional staff and for administrative support. Digitizing medical records allows for better use of time and resources for all healthcare organizations. 

Most health care organizations have moved to an electronic program for health records. The concern now is what to do with old patient records that are still paper-based. Many medical organizations do not have time, staff, or programming for medical records scanning. 

electronic medical records scanning services on a tablet

What are the Benefits of Scanning Medical Records? 

Many healthcare organizations are aware of the benefits of scanning paper medical records. Record scanning can reduce costs, keep patient medical data secure, reduce clinical risk, and improve patient care. 

Digitizing medical records eliminates the need to search for paper files manually. Professionals spend time treating patients instead of searching for files. 

Medical records are also protected from loss and damage when digitized. The papers are backed into a cloud system where they are immune to devastations such as flood, fire, and other natural disasters

When done correctly, medical records scanning is a fair process with a good return on the investment. There are two options for healthcare organizations to consider scanning needs and document management: in-house or outsourcing. 

When is In-house Medical Records Scanning a Good Option?

If a medical facility needs medical records scanning, it likely has several active and historic patient charts to upload. Scanning all these records is a massive task for the staff, but possible. 

If your organization chooses in-house scanning, you will need to invest in a scanner that serves the purpose. Many standard office-based scanners cannot handle the high volume of medical documents that will need to be uploaded. Also, consider administrative staff assisting in digitizing medical records will need access to computers and technology in-house. 

If you have the right equipment, you will also need the staff to scan and index patient information. The team will need to be trained on using the equipment and must meet the deadlines required by professional staff, so the organization continues to run smoothly. In busy environments, this can be a hassle and difficult to achieve.

Your facility will also need the space to accommodate the staff and equipment for the project. It can be for a few days or maybe a few months, depending on the number of paper charts. Accommodation can be an obstacle for smaller organizations that are already short on space for staff.

Additionally, staff will need to understand manual indexing, which is how records are searched and retrieved. Indexing requirements can be complicated, and this slows the scanning process. Ultimately may overwhelm the staff.

Many organizations opt to outsource to a professional document and management company for their medical records scanning needs because of these factors. It can be the best option for cost, time, and effort. 

rows of colorful medical records and files

How is Outsourcing Medical Records Scanning Useful? 

Scanning patient records is a time-consuming task. There is also a risk for human error if staff are untrained or unsure how to use the document scanning programs. Due to the busy and stressful environment of many health care settings, it can be difficult and unrealistic to upload scanned medical records. 

Outsourcing eliminates the risk of human error and saves time. Document scanning companies are experts in medical record scanning. It is what they do every day, so there is less risk. 

Healthcare organizations have become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of medical records that need to be digitized, which has increased significantly over the last decade. Volume can make the medical records scanning process difficult and overwhelming. Outsourcing to a company relieves you of this burden.

Outsourced scanning is an excellent option for both small and large healthcare organizations. It is fast and can be more affordable than in-house medical records scanning. It is essential to choose a company that understands the healthcare sector. An experienced company will be familiar with the regulations and compliance needs of organizations. 

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What Do I Need to Look for in a Document Scanning Company? 

The company should have the knowledge, experience, and skills to undertake the scanning of medical records. Experience ensures documents will meet regulatory requirements. 

The company must have the ability to undertake large-scale scanning projects with ease. This ability will reduce the risk of error and disruption in the organization’s day-to-day operations. 

Each business has its budget and plan for allocating resources. The company chosen does depend on business cost and resources. It is important to remember that it will likely be an essential and resourceful allocation of funds for the company in the long-run.

Trust River City Data for Your Medical Records Scanning Needs

The team at River City Data has the experience and knowledge you are looking for in a scanning company. Our team is certified in HIPAA protocol. We are familiar with the rules and regulations of the healthcare industry. 

We value privacy and make it a top priority. We provide unparalleled, quality medical record document scanning and indexing.

Contact us today for a free estimate. We customize to your needs and can meet the challenges or deadlines needed by healthcare organizations. Our clients appreciate our world-class experience, along with our small-town values. RiverCity Data hopes to help your facility get digitized so you can excel in the healthcare industry. 


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Marie Kondo has sparked an urge for minimalism, and it is a trend that has infiltrated every area of our daily lives. From sparkling, organized closets to clearing shelves of clutter, many of us have embraced the adage that less is more. Why not bring this concept to life in your office, by allowing the magic of scanning services to clear your desk and usher in a whole new you?

One of the most apparent advantages of scanning services is the space they allow you to save. Digital documents are compact, sleek files that will enable vast swathes of data to be stored in a single hard drive. But what are the other advantages to order and clarity in the workplace? Read on, and you may be surprised!

And when you’re convinced of the magic of a tidy desk and how document scanning services can help you achieve that goal, reach out to River City Data for a free quote. We can help you get your clutter under control!

What Benefit Does a Clear Desk Offer?

Taking advantage of scanning services comes with several bonuses for businesses and staff. In addition, the mere act of organizing can also have some unexpected perks.

From reducing stress to boosting productivity, there are several advantages to clearing your desk (luckily, we mean literally, not metaphorically!). Some of the more unexpected bonuses can really improve the general overall working environment and offer benefits to all workers.

clean workspace and desk with a computer and plant and window and no documents or files or mess

Reduce Stress

Research has proven that a clean, ordered environment can have a positive impact on our stress levels. The visual effect of a clutter-free desk can leave you feeling calm, zen, and ready to work. In turn, this helps to generate a soothing and stress-free working environment. A clear desk really can be a clear mind!

Save Time

Reducing the clutter in your space can also be a real time saver. Scanning services help remove physical debris and make files easier to locate, meaning that you can immediately access the data you need. As an added bonus, the office will be easy to keep clean if you are not continually moving obstacles.

Improve Health

It may seem unexpected, but keeping your desk clear of clutter can have advantages for physical health, in addition to mental wellbeing. The increased ease of cleaning means that germs and bugs are less likely to build up and spread. Easier, more effective cleaning can minimize staff illness and reduce the spread of coughs, colds, and viruses.

Keeping spaces and areas clear and accessible also helps to reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace. Slips, trips, and falls can also cause serious injury, putting employees and clients at risk. Keep walkways clear from towering piles of paperwork, and make sure heavy files do not impair visibility.

man working in a neat clean office

Boost Efficiency

In a similar vein, streamlining information via scanning services also allows you to use your time more efficiently. There will be no more lost invoices or misplaced documents to hunt thorough; users can simply log on and access what they require. Not only is this record management better for staff, but it presents a more efficient and reliable service for clients and customers.

All interactions can be made faster and more effective, communications streamlined, and facts checked in no time. Employees will be able to archive old projects without issue and retrieve them if required at a moment’s notice. Productivity will also rise; everything you need to proceed is right there on hand, and this allows you to get on with the prioritized job.

Professional Image

There is nothing less professional than visiting someone who is hidden behind a mountain of paperwork. Presenting a clear desk to the world helps you appear capable, in control, and organized — a much better message to send to your clients!

Appearances matter, and a busy, messy desk indicates that you do not care about your job or are too lazy to care. Neither of these makes a great impression, and the added stress of scrabbling around for files only reinforces this. Get organized, get professional, and get results.

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What Are The Benefits Of Scanning Services?

As well as keeping your office clean, clear, and productive, the benefits of scanning services can be seen in other areas of your working environment.


Digital files help to preserve the security of your data; they are far less accessible than their physical paper counterparts. Document scanning helps transfer the details from the physical to the digital realm.

Unlike traditional filing systems, using scanning services allows you to protect sensitive information with passwords and codes. You will also be able to control access, blocking certain colleagues or staff members from accessing data.

Security can also be assured in the event that your office is struck by a flood, fire, or natural disaster. In these instances, paper files would be destroyed, and the information and data you rely on gone forever. By going digital, however, you can help to ensure that the information is safely backed up on a server, allowing you to carry on no matter what.

Transfer of Information

Scanning services allow files to be transformed into a digital format, which makes the exchange of information more manageable. Documents and data can be sent instantly to anywhere in the world, without having to worry about the uncertainty of post or fax. This also makes it easier to have improved conversations with colleagues and clients; you can relay them documents they need without delay.

How Can We Help?

Here at River City Data, we have a wealth of experience in the world of document scanning. Our team of experienced professionals has worked with businesses and clients across the globe in a range of niches and industries.

Our goal is to help you streamline and simplify your business, taking advantage of the rise in technology and scanning services available. With our help, you can boost efficiency, increase productivity, and enjoy the benefits of a clear desk. Document scanning can transform the way you do business — for the better.


Interested in taking the next step? Why not get in touch with our friendly team today, and talk through the options available. You will be Marie Kondo in your workspace in no time and enjoying the significant benefits which follow!


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Since we are a document scanning company, we bet you can guess which way this article might lean. When you have a scanning project, it’s natural to wonder if you can handle it yourself. Follow along with us as we outline several criteria you should consider when deciding whether to outsource your document scanning.

At River City Data, we’ve seen and managed nearly every type of scanning and conversion initiative. We scale our services from singular clients with small (but crucial!) conversions, to the most massive corporate scanning projects.

Contact us today to set up an honest, transparent quote for any size scanning job. Our clients have known, liked, and trusted us for forty years and counting. We deliver quality, secure, accessible results every time we scan for you.


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Project Size Matters

Perhaps the primary determinant of whether to DIY your scanning project is the size of the task. If you have a few conventional sized paper files to digitize, scanning them yourself may work just fine.

Most office or home scanners can handle digitizing paper records in letter, legal, and even some specialty paper sizes. Further, your staff hours required to oversee the document management would be minimal in this scenario. If converting to digital documents takes one person a few hours to complete, DIY is a perfect fit.

However, if you have hundreds or thousands of paper records to scan, index, file, and store, consider outsourcing your project to a scanning company you trust. Why? Document scanning companies specialize in large-scale scanning projects. 

Your scanning company partner will ensure a speedy and accurate finish time, without sacrificing quality or details paramount to your data integrity. Professional scanning teams are efficient and laser-focused on doing one thing well: preserving your data for ease of use, security, and other business related goals.


overwhelmed employee with stacks of folders for scanning


Special Equipment Is a Hassle

As in the above example, conventional records like letters and legal-sized documents may feed easily into your office or home scanner. However, for items that don’t conform to standard sizes or color schematics, it’s wise to select specialized equipment designed to handle scanning “curveballs.”

Maps, artwork, photographs, blueprints, and schematics do not always reproduce well on conventional scanners. Yes, you can purchase software that could allow you to scan your large docs in pieces, but we don’t recommend it. 

If your company routinely scans large documents, you might consider purchasing a specialized scanner for digitizing non-conventional data and images. However, get ready for sticker shock. 

Though scanning equipment comes in every variety for all the “unicorn” scanning projects under the sun, you’ll pay considerably more for the specificity. It’s smart to consider carefully how much you’ll use any scanning equipment you purchase. 

Having a high-quality conventional scanner in businesses like law offices and medical clinics makes sense. Spending half your annual office supply budget on a photo-quality large doc scanner may not be the most practical choice.

Outsourcing your non-standard or large doc scanning projects saves you time, frustration, and expense in the long haul. It’s better to offload the investment of equipment purchase to a specialized scanning partner in these cases.

Document scanning companies have the proper equipment to handle large-scale and non-conventional projects.

Assess Your Indexing Needs

Digitizing and filing a few converted paper records is fast and straightforward. A few digitized records here and there can quickly pile up into a document management nightmare if not properly indexed. 

After all, the purpose of scanning documents is to get them out of bulky manilla folders and cabinets. Instead, you want a cluster of files you can easily categorize, archive, and access whenever you need them. 

When your digital document piles become too high, definitely enlist the help of an experienced document scanning company. Getting help indexing your digital files can prevent crucial data loss and customer privacy concerns.

Document Indexing is the process of categorizing your data by the criteria you choose that fits your business model. Common indexing structures include: 

  • Customer account numbers
  • Order numbers
  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Region or address
  • Client industry or sector
  • Sales funnel position


Plus, you can customize your indexing fields to include relevant keywords or phrases that help you know where to look for the information you need. For example, a law office might index data based on case type, and a dental office may categorize files by services performed.

Having a variety of useful indexing fields can enable you to use your data for many different analytics that can help drive your success. Plus, with strategic help, you can craft or revamp your document management system in ways that flex with your evolving business and help you grow.

Competently scanning and converting your documents, when done correctly, expands your capacity for success and increases office efficiency over time.


many files and folders and documents and paper records waiting for a document scanning company


Document Security Is Crucial

Once again, scanning a few documents with non-sensitive data is a total DIY green light. However, if you must keep your data secure, how will you ensure that happens if you DIY?

Enlisting help from a document scanning company can ensure your documents remain safe under virtual lock and key. By providing you access via a secure log-in channel, the professional scanning team can provide a secure harbor for sensitive client information. 

Further, if you’re required by law to maintain client or patient privacy, it’s best to outsource your document scanning projects to a specialist. They’ll have relevant HIPAA certifications to guarantee safe handling and storage for all private information.

River City Data: The Clear Choice for a Trusted Document Scanning Company

Your data matters to us at River City Data. We understand you’ve built your business, client trust, and customer loyalty on the data you’ve collected in a variety of formats.

Scanning and converting your paper documents to relevant, accessible, and secure digital formats is what we’ve done for over forty years. Our history of excellence speaks for itself. 

Many of our clients have hired us after failed DIY scanning attempts, or when a less experienced company could not deliver desired results.

Contact us today to set up a free project quote. We’ll clearly outline our strategy, procedures, and fees so you get the data integrity you need from all your digitized documents.

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Life would be so much easier if every document came printed on 8.5 by 11-inch paper. But that’s not reality! In actuality, scanning large documents presents a challenge most businesses should not undertake without expert help.

It may be tempting to allocate more physical space for document originals like blueprints, maps, legal-sized records, photos, schematics, and other non-standard originals. However, scanning large documents so you can swiftly access and utilize them is possible with the right help.

This week contact River City Data for a quote on scanning large documents and storing them in a usable digital format.


land surveyor or engineer with a computer creating blueprints or maps


Scan Large Documents: Do Not DIY

Conventional office scanners have several limitations. They only scan the most widely used document sizes, such as letter, legal, and A3 paper designations.

When you have a record that doesn’t fit those measurements, you have to get super creative to scan your large document accurately on your own. 

Much like stitching together panoramic images with a Polaroid camera, scanning a large document onto multiple pages is risky. Your results will be clunky at best, and completely non-functional at worst.

If you DO succeed in scanning all parts of your large document, you’ll need access to quality scanning software that can integrate the pieces of your record into a readable “whole” again. Plus, you’ll need the experience and expertise to effectively navigate the software for a finished, storeable, indexable, accessible file.

Wasting person-hours, money, and often frustration is not the way to go when simpler large document scanning options exist. Especially if large documents don’t encompass the majority of your records, it’s smart to ask for help from a dedicated scanning service provider.


architect or engineer working at desk on computer with hardhat and large documents for scanning


Should I Buy a Large Doc Scanner?

Though specialized equipment is one way to go in large document scanning, the investment in a quality large document color printer can be prohibitive. 

Plus, you can’t stop at a printer purchase. You must also commit to buying software and sometimes server space to convert, store, manage, and index your large document files. 

Pile on top of that training it takes to become proficient at large document scanning and conversion, and you may have more than you bargained for in a scanner purchase for your company.

It makes sense to outsource your large document scanning to an experienced and trusted partner, whether you produce one large document per week or thousands.

Scanning: Combining Art and Science

Entrusting your large document scanning to a team of professionals is a smart choice for any company. Architects, surveyors, legal firms, government agencies, artists, and photographers are several sectors and companies that need large document scanning capabilities on small and large scales.

Though business and organizational leaders are likely meticulous in many of their job functions, some elements of superior document scanning practices may fall through the cracks if it’s not your full-time job to ensure they happen.

Scanning your documents accurately is only a small piece of the scanning process.

Here’s what happens when you start scanning a large document.

    1. Document Prep: All staples, clips, and other hardware must be removed from the document, a sometimes tedious and time consuming effort, especially with multiple pages. Seals must be embossed, and you must select the correct grayscale or color parameters from which to work.
    2. Repair: Bent corners, torn edges, water stains, holes, or worn segments must all be assessed and fixed where possible.
    3. Enhancement: Once scanned, a professional may be able to enhance the image quality, sharpness, or color to ensure the best quality finished scan.
    4. Digitization: Choosing the correct file size and type for your scanned document is crucial to ensuring its continuing integrity in a digital format.
    5. Storage: Once you’ve scanned your document, you must decide what you’ll do with it. Will you store it in-house, or send it off-site to a dedicated server for archival? How will you retrieve it? Can you be sure your file is secure? What do you require of your document once it is digitized?
      Your answers to these questions determine your large document storage needs. Of course, digitizing your large documents
      saves physical space and all the financial investment associated with it like rent, upkeep, security measures, and staff hours.
    6. Indexing: Stored documents are useless unless you can quickly access the information or images at a moment’s notice. Indexing provides you with a way to organize your digital files based on keywords, phrases, or identifying fields like customer or purchase order number, client birthday, or other personal information. Outsourcing your large document scanning gives you more flexibility in document access and storage with proper indexing protocols.

Finding a trusted scanning partner offers several advantages in large document scanning. Here’s why you should outsource this end of your business.


high angle view of workers on construction site looking at blueprints and large documents


Why Outsourced Large Document Scanning Makes Sense

Regardless of how many large documents you need digitized, outsourcing this service offers you several benefits:

  • Save time and money on the lengthy and detailed process of scanning
  • Ensure proper indexing of your documents for easy and ongoing access wherever and whenever you want it
  • Secure your documents with encrypted access unique to an individual or organization
  • Save space and financial waste by archiving your digital documents in a dedicated, off-site server
  • Receive guaranteed image quality on all scanned documents, color or black and white
  • Enjoy superior work quality with nuanced methodology developed over decades of experience

River City Data: Your Trusted Partner in Scanning Large Documents

We’ve seen nearly everything in document scanning in our more than 40 years in operation in New London, MN. Our small town values translate to big company efficiency and excellence for every scanning and conversion project we manage.

We’re excited to deliver excellence, security, and accessibility to our clients. We know you run your business based on the trust you place in your data. River City Data understands your data integrity is paramount to your success.

We’re experts in what we do, whether your documents come to us on conventional-sized paper or the largest maps and schematics producible. Contact us today for a project quote, and we’ll be in touch to tackle whatever sized document you want converted.

office worker distressed with lots of files and folders and legal paperwork

How are you storing data? Do you have a room full of filing cabinets? If your office space is a cave of paper, it may be time to consider moving into the digital storage age with legal scanning services.

If you’re contemplating transitioning to digital document management, contact River City Data for a free estimate. We’ll prepare and scan your documents, tag your information for easy searchability, and provide secure access for your employees and clients.

Why Would I Want to Change How I Store My Documents? Paper Feels So Safe and Familiar

There is something solid about holding onto the document you need. You keep your passport in hand while you’re waiting to go through airport security. You keep a copy of your birth certificate locked up.

Paper documents have undeniable value. They are also cumbersome and fragile. 

Let’s compare traditional paper document storage to a digital option.

judge hammer or gavel resting on a stack of folders and files and legal documents

Digitized Documents Can Be Searched Easily

Can you quickly put your hands on a specific document? Perhaps you know precisely how your paper files are organized and can finger through the right file drawer to find that single sheet of paper.

You might have one or two members of your team that can accomplish this. Do you have staff whose primary duty is to locate information? 

One limitation of paper files is the singular format. Files are usually arranged by an overarching organizational method, such as alphabetizing by name.

This singular format means that to search your files, you always start from the same point.

But what if you don’t want to search for a file by name? What if you need every file from a specific date or every file for a particular location? 

Paper files can be difficult to search and cross-reference. By storing your data in a digital format, you will have access to search your data by whatever identifier you value.

Search by client name, case number, date, or any other filter. You can also add filters to search various subsets within a value.

lawyer reading contract and legal documents with client

Digitized Documents Can Be Shared Easily

If you want to share paper documents, you will likely be taking a trip to the copier machine. Once you’ve passed those copies around, you will have limited control over what happens to them next. 

If a client or an employer misplaces a document, the information contained in that paper could be compromised.

Give your staff easy access to information with digital access to scanned documents. You can allow read-only access to those who need to be informed and editing access only to appropriate employees.

Scanned information can be shared quickly without going through reams of paper. Digital documents are less likely to be lost or accidentally shared with someone who shouldn’t have access.

Your Documents Can Be Accessed Remotely

Have you ever gotten to a meeting, opened your briefcase, and discovered you were missing the item you needed most? 

If your documents are stored digitally, you will have access to them wherever you go. Don’t worry about hauling hundreds of pages around. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding yourself unprepared for that meeting.

Your employees will spend less time trying to get their hands on documents and more time getting results for clients. And, if the staff needs to work from home or another remote location, electronic access is a must.

Is Paper Safer Because You Can Hold It In Your Hands?

If you keep your legal documents in filing cabinets, you probably lock them at night. And then lock the filing cabinet room. And then lock the building. 

The physical act of turning a lock can help a person feel secure, but it doesn’t protect you from:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Mold
  • Spills
  • Unauthorized copies


If your filing cabinet room goes up in flames, what will you do? 

If your legal documents have been scanned and saved electronically, a flood or fire in one location won’t result in a catastrophic data loss. When you give staff and clients read-only access to confidential documents, they can’t change, copy, or destroy them. And if you need someone to discontinue having access to a document, you don’t have to try to take back a piece of paper. You just push a few buttons.

Your documents will be safer in an encrypted file than they will in a filing cabinet. You’re still locking the doors at night; they’re just digital. And actually, you don’t have to lock them at all, because they stay inaccessible to anyone without authorization.

lawyer explaining legal things to client with legal documents on table

Why You Should Use Professional Legal Scanning Services

You’re ready to step into the digital storage age. But there’s so much paper copy to switch over!

Don’t waste human resources having employees stand around feeding the scanner. They have enough to do without taking on this task (don’t they?). 

Legal scanning services provide an economical solution. You receive a dedicated team of single-taskers. They’ll work only on your conversion — and not stop to answer your phones.

The most important part of any great job is preparation. Your scanning service team will take the time to sort, repair, and remove staples from all those precious documents before scanning.

Your data will be scanned with state-of-the-art machines that are meant to handle large quantities of paper. Your office all-in-one was not made for this task.

Legal scanning service providers are experts at managing sensitive data. They stay up to the minute on compliance laws and are familiar with the legal industry.

Your information will be tagged by whatever search terms you choose. Imagine the time saved when your employees can type a few terms to retrieve exactly what they need.

If you choose document hosting and cloud storage, your data will be securely encrypted, yet ready at your fingertips. If you prefer to manage your own data, your documents can be loaded to a private drive that will be entirely in your control.

It’s time to advance your company through digital data management. Contact River City Data today for a free estimate of customized legal scanning services (and other services too!).


There is no denying that information collection and retention is one of the challenges of owning a business. The organization of professional documents and paperwork can take up a lot of time. The consequences are severe if these are not stored and filed correctly.

Research shows that, on average, each office worker will use 10,000 pieces of paper a year. This figure includes- $20 to file, $120 to search for when or if it is misplaced, and $220 to recreate. In total, it can cost a whopping $42,250 per year – for merely locating a missing document.

It goes without saying that this could be handled far more efficiently. Digital scanning can transform your filing system, saving you precious time, space, and money. Read on to see how River City Data can help – and start making serious savings today!

What Is A Scanning Service?

As the name suggests, a professional scanning service copies all your crucial files and stores them in a digital format. This transformation means less physical paperwork to clutter up space and helps to enhance security, save time, and reduce workload.

How Can It Help?

There are a wealth of ways in which a digital scanning service could benefit your business, and these include:

  • Save time finding documents

As we have seen, searching for misplaced documents can take up a considerable amount of valuable time. It is estimated that around 400 hours a year are wasted on this task, and this is a lot of potential profit. 

By implementing a uniform filing system, and using digital files, companies can drastically reduce this number. This system streamlines the process and helps your business to run more efficiently.

  • Save the planet!

We are all now aware that as human beings, many of our actions are detrimental to the planet. These include mass printing and production of paper – a resource that directly impacts the trees we need. 

Producing and using ink for printing can also be harmful to marine and wildlife. By switching to digital, you are saving paper and ink – this is brilliant news for your carbon footprint, and the planet.

  • Stay secure

Digital files can be protected with passwords and a multilevel security system. These options are not available for physical documents, and safes and filing cabinets can be easily destroyed.

Keeping your crucial information digital instantly increases security -essential for potentially sensitive files and data.

This benefit can be even more crucial if you are storing personal or financial data, which must be securely retained for legal purposes.

  • Beat the elements

No matter how secure you believe your system to be, you can’t beat Mother Nature! Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, floods, fires, or other extreme weather can wipe out your office – and all of your documents with it. 

Such incidents may also destroy your computer system. However, backing up files digitally means you will always be able to access a copy whenever you need to. You will also be able to access the documents remotely if circumstances force a chance of office or location. 

  • Share information

We live in a global world, and your business may employ people from all over the world. By having critical files in a digital format, you can instantly speed up the time it takes to send and retrieve information.

Once, you may have had to rely on snail mail, fax, or scanning each individual document to email – all time-consuming processes. Instead, store everything digitally and help your business grow all over the world.

Also, digital files allow participants to collaborate digitally using appropriate software; this can massively speed up project times. 

Rather than waiting for communication, tasks can be carried out and updated instantly, for more efficient results. Contracts can be signed, files signed off, suggestions made, and documents updated immediately – perfect for saving time.

  • Save valuable space

Physical paper documents need to be stored and can take up a lot of space. This requires that your business will need to locate the funds for larger premises, secure storage, and extra space. 

Instead, opt for digital versions of files – this could save you a whole room or more, and free up valuable space and funds in the budget. A storage office could become valuable working space, or you could downsize to more affordable premises.

Similarly, going digital may mean that you can reduce the number of staff who have to be physically present in the office. Accessing documents online allows more flexibility for remote working or hot-desking, and this is great for both parties. 

Your entire staff can benefit from a better working arrangement that suits their needs, and your business can lease or rent a smaller office space.

  • Improve audit compliance

Depending on your business, you may be legally required to keep documents for a specific time. Also, you will likely have to produce this on-demand according to industry requirements. 

Digital filing reduces stress. You will be able to locate information immediately and quickly pull out any documentation or evidence you need. Security requirements can also be checked off the list.

This helps offer much-needed peace of mind and keeps your business totally above board and secure. Even better, you can be the one looking smug and calm when audit season rolls around!

How Can We Help?

If you think that digital scanning is the way to go, we have great news: you have come to the right place! We can help by scanning all of your essential documents in one go and ensure that they are held securely in a remote cloud system. 

Additionally, all physical files will be immediately shredded and disposed of to ensure security. Your new system will be set up and ready to go in no time.

Why Choose A Professional?

You can, of course, scan documents yourself – but this is time-consuming and expensive. We have the tools, staff, and equipment to get the job done in no time, leaving you free to run your business.

Contact River City Data today for a free consultation and see how we could help you transform your business. Save space, boost productivity, and increase profit, all through making a single, simple change to your storage.

Close-up Of Person's engineer Hand Drawing Plan On Blue Print with architect equipment, Architects discussing at the table, team work and work flow construction concept.


When you work incredibly hard for something, you want to ensure it is taken care of and preserved. You worked hard for your diploma, whatever level of schooling you earned it in. It likely brings you a sense of pride whenever you see it hanging on your wall.

Maybe you have an intricate (and expensive) map on your wall? Or other large documents that are essential to you or your business you want to ensure are preserved. Just because a document is large doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain it. 

If you are looking for large format scanning services, look no further than River City Data. We have the experience you need and the skills you can depend on to digitize your documents. We focus on bringing our customers the best results possible.

With 40 years of experience serving the amazing people of New London and the surrounding areas, let River City Data serve all of your data needs.

Large format printer

What is Large Format Data Scanning?

Similar to document preservation of smaller sizes, large document data scanning services take large format documents and convert the actual document to a digital one. Instead of a bulky, large document, you will have a high-quality digital copy in the form you choose, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or more. Some companies can even turn architectural or design drawings into computer-aided design (CAD) files like DWG or DXF.

What makes large-format data scanning different from smaller document scanning is the type of scanner required. Large documents use an LFD scanner. Here, the document is fed through a scanner slowly and read thoroughly as the paper passes through the machine. We will then convert the scanned image to the required format.

hand pressing button on scanner

Why Large Format Data Scanning Services?

There are many reasons why you might want large format data scanning services. Many of our clients are looking to free up space, and others do not want to deal with cumbersome and bulky items regularly. With that, our top seven reasons to use large data scanning services:

  1. Space, space, space. Many large documents, like floor plans, maps, etc., take up space and do not fit comfortably in most storage solutions, i.e., filing cabinet. Digitizing these documents frees up your office.
  2. Organization is key. Similar to freeing up space, digitizing large documents allows you to organize the records by indexing them while scanning. You can choose how to assemble at the beginning, and we will work with you.
  3. Time is of the essence. Handling and sorting through large documents can be tricky and tiresome. If you regularly sort through large documents, you know what we’re talking about here. Imagine clicking through some files that are at your fingertips to find what you need.
  4. Save money. This fact rings true if you work from home or have a small office, and storage space is at a premium. Digitizing your documents allows you not to have large documents in storage.
  5. Security. Depending on what you’re dealing with, you might be legally required to take certain precautions with information. We can ensure that only specific staff members are authorized to see the scanned documents.
  6. Shareability. Along with securely protecting your documents, you can easily share them after scanning. Scanned documents are ready to be shared via email or on a hard drive of your choice.
  7. Sharper images. Often, scanning large documents results in cleaner, sharper images. The scanned image can be better than the original.
  8. Memories! Maybe you don’t own a business but have many essential documents that happen to be substantial. We work with individuals regularly to preserve important mementos from their family and life.

Residential building blueprint plans

What Size Document Can Be Scanned?

Most households in America have a printer/scanner at home. This scanner likely does a fantastic job with anything under the A4 size. For those not in the paper world, A4 is slightly longer than the standard letter size paper you print on. A4 is 210mm by 297mm, while standard letter paper is 215.9mm by 279.4mm.

A3 paper is 420mm by 297mm, or two A4 documents together. Anything A3 or larger typically requires professional services to scan.

Many documents will be classified under these larger sizes, including maps, diplomas, architects’ drawings, projects your kids did in school, poster-size prints, extra-large photographs, and more. If you have some of these things or anything else more substantial you want to preserve, call River City Data today and see how we can securely scan your documents.

Close up woman hand working of Architect sketching project on blueprint at site construction work. Concept of architect, engineer in the office desk construction project

Why River City Data?

River City Data has been in the business for more than 40 years, and we have been in New London for the entire time. We have served clients from all walks of life: both businesses and individuals. Our roots run deep, as well as our values.

Our customers trust us to deliver quality products with the best customer service. We will work within your budget and your timeline to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

Our customers are not limited to New London alone; we have customers throughout Minnesota and the Greater Midwest area. Our satisfied customers live all around our great state and beyond.

We are dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology. We work hard to ensure your data is secure. To ensure a smooth conversion, we rely on AMI View, or we can use your existing ECM software. We will be able to archive your documents and ensure they are accessible to your home or business.

Whether you are an individual or a business, let River City Data be your partner in all your scanning and digitizing needs. We look forward to working with you as you digitize all of the documents in your life.

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Data management is one of the most fundamental components of a successful business. Amazingly, it is also one of the most intimidating decisions a company will have to make. 

You may believe that your company doesn’t need a data management system. River City Data is one of the premier document management companies in the Midwest, and we are here to tell you just how vital services like ours are. Trustworthy companies that convert paper to digital are extremely valuable, we are here to prove it to you.

If you are looking for a company that converts paper to digital, look no further than River City Data. For us, experience and expertise go hand in hand.

Why do I need a document management system?

document management

The data your organization acquires and creates is one of the most valuable resources your company possesses. If you manage that data correctly, your employees will save valuable time and resources when they are required to use that data. 

Organizations generate a staggering amount of data and documents. Those numbers are expected to increase ten-fold by 2025. 

A loss of any of your organization’s carefully collected data can be disastrous for your company. Many businesses that experience high levels of data loss or corruption end up closing their doors for good. 

You can avoid that fate by choosing the right data management firm for your company’s specific needs. 

Why River City Data?

If you are a Twin City or New London based company and you are looking for the right data management services, River City Data is the company for you. We have been a New London staple for over forty years. 

But we don’t stop there; we service companies all over the US. Our biggest clients are a number of municipalities all over the country. We proudly serve courts, county police, hospitals, schools, and so much more. 

One of the reasons we have managed to stay in business so long is our system of values. Our hometown roots and our promise of excellent and timely service have made our name synonymous with quality. 


The long line of our satisfied customers speaks for itself. We will work with your company to secure the most useful data conversion available. 

We are Kofax capture certified, and we house our own document hosting service. We will use our AMI View, or we can convert your company’s existing ECM software. You will be amazed at how easily your archived data can be accessed when needed. 

When it comes to security, we are second to none. We are the only company that we know of, who vets, fingerprints, and background checks all of our employees. Additionally, everyone we hire is certified by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and HIPAA.

We currently scan over 250k documents a week. We will convert your documents and data to the most readily accessible software and storage tools available. We will work with your team to determine the best conversion platform for your individual needs. 

At River City Data, we are known for correcting the mistakes of other companies’ work.  If your company has made the mistake of going with a cheaper company for your document recovery or conversion needs, we can help.  Come to us for the high-quality results that you wanted in the first place.

What services does River City Data offer?

overwhelmed man with too many papers

Document Scanning- Paper to Digital

Paper is hard to keep up with when it is in large quantities. Some companies may have hundreds or even thousands of boxes of documents. If your organization hasn’t backed up all those paper documents and some terrible disaster strikes, you run the risk of losing all of that data.

We will review and index your documents, and each one must be evaluated for tears or folds. They are then checked and re-checked for accuracy. 

Next, we scan all vital documents. Each document is digitally tagged with its own search term. You will have direct input on this tagging process and names used. 

Get ready to throw out all your bulky filing cabinets and all that excess paper. 

Microfilm to Digital Images


Microfilm and microfiche are a medium that is slowly dying out. It is also an inefficient way to store data. We will convert both 16 and 35 mm film. We use the highest quality machines to convert your data. 

After we scan your documents, the information or image is indexed and then stored in our document management system, AMI View. 

Document Hosting 

Secure document hosting can be a reality for your organization. We know how to both keep your data safe and secure and provide convenient access to your data whenever you need it. 

We have plentiful storage for a project of any size. Your documents will be in good company because we host documents from an extensive array of organizations and businesses.  

Your data will always remain private and secure with us. 

Document Archives

Are you concerned about the state of your data when you archive it with us? Don’t be; your data will always remain in your ownership. Just because you outsource your data, doesn’t mean it is no longer yours. 

We will store and index your data. You will be able to find and retrieve it whenever you need it. Choose your own software or utilize our AMI View. 

There are no hidden fees; the price is clear and upfront. The ease of access and excellent quality of your data will blow you away. 

E-books Conversion

E-book reader

It’s not as easy as you might think to convert a written manuscript into an e-book. Special software is necessary to ensure a smooth conversion.  We will convert your manuscript into that proper digital form. 

As soon as we finish the conversion, your book will be ready to sell on all of the primary e-book readers. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike at any time. If you have massive amounts of paper data, your organization is vulnerable to substantial losses. 

We will back up all your valuable data and documentation. Not only will you protect your data, but you will free up valuable space in your office. Rest assured that your data will be safe in our hands.  

When you are ready to implement your own data management system, your only choice is River City Data. We guarantee quality service and incredible results. Contact us today for all your data conversion needs.  

Busy hands. Business people writing their reports and analyzing new ideas.

Legal document scanning services are integral to a well-run district court. The National Center for State Courts acknowledges “records and document management are at the core of most courts’ business processes.” 

There are many good reasons to use a document scanning company to help manage and streamline your documents and records.

Legal document scanning services and electronic court records (ECR)

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is a service run by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. PACER allows users to access case and docket information from district courts, as well as federal appellate and bankruptcy courts. 

A document scanning company can help district courts more easily provide these documents and records to the public.

Businessman writing testament at notary public office

Scanning legal documents helps lawyers

Chances are when you go to the doctor, he or she carries an iPad or tablet at your appointments. More and more essential services are going paperless for the sake of convenience and portability. The legal profession should be no exception.

Searchable legal documents are beneficial to law offices. Gone are the days of lawyers needing large briefcases everywhere they go. When a lawyer can quickly pull up and search for information electronically, everyone benefits.

A document scanning company can help legal practices and courts host documents once they scan them. While courts and legal documents can store electronic documents digitally through a document scanning service, paper is still an option. If a court or practice needs hard copies, electronic records and documents can always be downloaded and printed out.

A court that engages legal document scanning services can more easily interface with legal offices that have gone paperless. If your court uses document scanning, document sharing with these entities will go more smoothly.

Serious woman sitting at desk reading letter

Practical Considerations: Save Space 

Saving space and minimalism are trendy at present and for a good reason. A de-cluttered space is calmer and more organized. Think about how much room you will have once you can clear out filing cabinets and shelves from your office.

A document scanning company lets you cut down on the amount of paper coming in and out of your offices.

There are legal offices now that are entirely paperless. A district court will need to be able to scan documents to work with such legal offices.

A legal document scanning service can scan your documents for district courts. Paralegals will appreciate their freedom. The time that an organization needed to scan documents they can now spend working on cases.

River City Data offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital hosting for your documents. SSL encrypts your legal documents. This capability is particularly valuable when you are dealing with sensitive material.

Legal offices and courts are vulnerable to leaks, and encrypted documents are safer.

Pen lying on a contract or application form, wide angle view.

A Brief History of Legal Document Management in the United States

The role of paperwork in the legal profession has steadily expanded since its inception.

America has 94 federal judicial districts, and each of those has 12 regional circuits. These courts are essential to our judiciary system. Their technology needs to be up to date.

In the nation’s early days, the number of admiralty cases in a district largely determined the court’s caseload. The reason was district courts initially served as federal courts for maritime and admiralty cases.

Therefore, a district court could hear relatively few cases. The district court’s clerk, responsible for administration in the district and circuit courts, was likely pretty busy. For most of the early history of the district courts, district court judges occupied themselves primarily with circuit court business.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the role of district courts started to expand. District judges were sometimes responsible for multiple state districts. 

The judge and clerk likely handled many paper documents on a given day, which would have traveled very slowly. When Congress established the 13 judicial districts back in 1789, courts dealt with reports much differently. Legal document scanning services can bring federal judicial districts into the 21st century. 

Federal data on caseloads did not really exist prior to the creation of the Department of Justice in 1870. The amount of paperwork required from courts increased considerably in 1910. That was when the DoJ issued new forms so those district attorneys could regularly update their caseload information for federal government statistics.

Another factor that increased the demand for document management was Prohibition. When the nation outlawed alcohol in the early 20th century, caseloads increased. Not surprisingly, courts struggled to keep up with the administrative demands that accompanied this increased workload.

Harried paralegals and clerks in Prohibition-era America would have appreciated legal document scanning services. Quick, secure, and searchable document scanning is more than a luxury for a busy court; it is a necessity. 

An ability to manage paper flow helps track caseload data. When a court keeps track of its caseload, it has a better idea of the resources it needs. A document scanning company is an essential tool for a district court that needs to be adequately resourced.

When the Department of Justice created the Bureau of Statistics in 1935, reporting on caseloads required even more paper. Courts were required to submit monthly data cards to the Bureau of Statistics on every case it began and ended. The Bureau of Statistics then special machines to tabulate the data.

This mechanization of court data anticipated the need for River City Data’s services. Clerks and attorneys must have spent a lot of time preparing these detailed data cards for submission. These hardworking legal professionals could have saved so much time if document scanning companies had existed.

Signing contracts

River City Data Can Help

Courts need to provide information to the Department of Justice, legal clients, or the general public. The sheer number of documents a typical court deals with can make storing and sharing this information a challenge.

River City Data assists with scanning paper to digital and microfilm formats and transferring microfilm to digital images. River City Data also helps with document hosting and archiving. Start saving time and resources; contact River City Data for further information on services and pricing.