Choosing a service for document shredding is an important decision because the integrity of your business rests on your ability to manage and protect your client information. Build trust within your company and with your clients by providing the most secure management of information in partnership with River City Data.

Data protection is an increasing responsibility that your corporation must take seriously. Clients are looking for more than document management – they’re looking for trust.  

Handling sensitive data is a big deal. Whether it’s your own office’s information, or a client’s, it’s essential to be careful when choosing a document shredding service. Your security and privacy are of the utmost importance. Taking the proper steps toward data management protects your clients from fraudulent activities, identity theft, and enhances cybersecurity.

 At River City Data, we are committed to handling your information in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way. 

As a New London staple for over 40 years, River City Data is a recognized and trusted document management company. From document shredding to analog conversions, we provide privacy, security, and peace of mind for the companies with which we work.

Document Shredding 101: What You Need To Know

With River City Data’s rigorous employment screening, you can trust your information is in safe hands. We’ve been in this business for 40 years because we’re passionate about what we do: protect information. 

 There are many reasons it’s essential to choose the right service for storing, handling, and disposing of your company’s sensitive information. There have even been several scams reported by services that claim to protect your information but are behind potential fraud and identity theft.

 As a business owner, client, or resident, it is crucial to protect your information. Financial information, health information, social security numbers, and credit card accounts are all pieces of highly sensitive data that your company needs to handle with care.

Reasons to protect this information include:

Legal Responsibility

Your clients need to be able to trust their data management company with their sensitive data. In many states, companies have a legal responsibility to protect their customers and their data.

Identity Theft

It reached an all-time high in 2017, with more than 16 million cases reported. Most of this is linked to paper information. Numbers have since gone down as protecting private information becomes a more significant focus. Join the movement to prevent fraudulent activity by choosing a safe and trusted company to protect your company’s data.

Increased Access

The increasing accessibility of information through the internet, social media, and online shopping and banking make it easy to piece together bits of information collected. 

For example, part of a credit card or ATM receipt with a partial account number can be enough for fraud. Even ‘junk mail’ can contain information that is sensitive and could lead to theft or fraud. 

Human Resources documents, health insurance documents, and other account information should also be protected. Bank statements, tax information, and bills are all at-risk information. 

Even receipts can contain sensitive information. 

These risks make a partnership with a trusted service even more critical. Taking steps to ensure safe information handling can secure your company’s productivity and reputation.

Advantages Of Using A Document Shredding Service

Outsourcing your document management needs is both time and cost-effective. It builds trust with employees and clients. It protects your company’s reputation. Effectively protecting sensitive information prevents issues of liability, and saves the time and worry that comes with filing claims and retrieving stolen information. 

There are several advantages to hiring a third party to shred your office documents safely. Some of these include-


Using a document shredding service provides an extra layer of secure data management. Trusting an outside source keeps the data anonymous and confidential.

All River City Data employees have gone through rigorous background and fingerprint tests, along with protection policy training, including HIPAA. 


Offices spend more than $100 per month on document shredding. Outsourcing your document shredding saves money and time.


Storing documents to be shredded takes up a lot of space in your office, as well as posing additional security threats. Storing private paper information in an office increases the risk of a security breach.

Working with a trusted company over time can also help increase the trust between your company and clients. You’ll be able to assure them you trust only the best when it comes to handling sensitive information.

How To Choose A Document Shredding Service

Who do you trust with your most sensitive information? It is vital to use a reputable company that ensures safe storage, shredding, and disposal of your confidential information.

Ask relevant questions, including:

  • Are the employees explicitly trained to handle sensitive documents? You can read more about the rigorous vetting and certification process for all River City Data staff here.
  • What scale projects does the service specialize in? River City Data handles large scale and smaller residential projects.
  • Is the company reputable? Our customer reviews speak for us. 
  • What types of services do they offer? River City Data provides many options for document shredding and conversion. We can also convert your most important information or treasured memories into the digital format of your choice.
  • Is the company responsible for the storage, shredding, and disposal of your documents? Do any other companies come in contact with the information?

Protect your company’s information and reputation by ensuring private information is handled safely and securely. Be a business that your employees and clients can count on to protect their data. 

River City Data offers start-to-finish document storage, shredding, and disposal of your company’s sensitive information. We help you build trust with your clients and safety within your company. 

We’ve been a regional favorite for 40 years, and we service companies from all over the country – partner with us for the safe and secure management of all your sensitive data and documents.