Document security is an issue that businesses face every day in the corporate world. Any mismanaged records, data, or documents can cause a loss of time, effort, and reputation. 

Don’t let data mismanagement lead to breaches in security and substantial setbacks in daily operations. Having a security system put into place is essential to your companies well-being.

When a business uploads documents to a cloud or storage system, they are now victim to external data breaches, such as hackers, viruses, and a multitude of different malware. While stored paper records are at risk of internal theft and physical damage, document security decisions should be taken very seriously and done wisely. 

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Overview of Document Security

Document security is the way that all classified paper or digital documents are kept safe and secure. The safety of records consists of how the files are managed, backed-up, organized, stored, filed, delivered, and eventually destroyed. 

With many different factors threatening the security of your documents, it is crucial to know the importance of a back-up and storage plan. Unfortunately, document security is not as simple as choosing a cloud with adequate data space. You must understand the ins and outs of the security features to restrict document access.

Once you have a plan on how you will back-up your data in the event data is lost, test your storage system to ensure your files are easily retrievable. Having a plan to retrieve lost information is equally important as it’s security. 

Security Methods for Paper Records

Some of the biggest threats to paper records are internal theft, fraudulent files, and natural disasters. There are a few methods to manage each of these security risks. 

Locked Filing Areas

Keeping the documents in a locked storage area with locked filing cabinets is a necessary and straightforward method to secure paper records. Maintaining the documents securely locked away will ensure they are away from wandering eyes and out of the wrong hands. 

Environmental Hazard Protection

The best way to keep documents from destruction from a natural disaster such as a flood or fire is an off-site storage facility. Off-site facilities use climate-controlled systems and fire suppression methods to protect documents from environmental hazards out of our control. 

Storage Facility 

An off-site storage facility not only protects from any natural disasters, but also includes benefits such as locked premises, a highly trained security staff, and 24/7 video monitoring. 

Security Methods for Electronic Data

Cloud storage and other document management storage solutions (DMS) software implement methods such as encryption and access controls to help protect files.

Data Redaction

Document redaction is the process of permanently removing any visible text or graphics from a document. Redacting a document helps remove sensitive data during the document scanning process. 

Encryption of files

File encryption keeps electronic records safe. In the event of a hacker gaining access in an open network, they are inaccessible without a decryption code.

Access Control List (ACL)

An access control list allows you to control the access of sensitive documents to authorized users only. You can create a list of predefined users, and control who has access to what content- keeping snooping to a minimum.   

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Third-Party Document Security

There is always the option to hire a company that can provide storage for your documents versus spending money on leasing a separate space for storage. A third-party option will provide you with a cost-effective solution and a guarantee of the security of your documents. 

Rest at ease, knowing that storage facilities take document security very seriously. A storage facility will be secure and provide professionals who have extensive experience handling, storing, and retrieving documents on behalf of many companies and businesses. 

8 Security Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Mismanaged and incorrectly labeled records. Thus making documents impossible to locate and utterly disorganized. 
  2. Documents that are stored online without proper encryption. They are likely to fall prey to hackers and malicious malware attacks, despite having security methods in place. Encryption is key. 
  3. Inconsistent document storage. When documents lack daily management, they become disorganized and extremely time-consuming to retrieve later.
  4. A huge mistake to avoid is failing to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is successful. 
  5. Another common mistake is not correctly prioritizing the protection of your data. It is crucial to know what data is most valuable to your business’s functions.
  6. Incorrectly managing passwords. Deciding on an easy to remember and a secure, lengthy password is crucial. 
  7. Keeping a record of all your security measures and failing to protect that document. While it is essential to keep a record of your security methods, keep that document protected at all costs. 
  8. Thinking that your network, OS, server,  etc. is secure already. You can never be too paranoid when it comes to document security. 

Why Document Security is Important

Although document storage and security can seem intimidating and time-consuming and costly, with the correct management and security measures, you will set your business up for success and keep your assets safe from threats. 

By successfully using document management storage systems, all of your company’s documents are made easily accessible in a user-friendly, secure, and organized manner. If using a storage facility, employees are excellently trained and vetted through a security process. They will maintain your records in a climate-controlled and damage resistant facility.

Document management systems and storage facilities are, without a doubt, the best choice to ensure your company’s assets are protected. They provide unmatchable management and top-notch security. All while maintaining a cost-effective and user-friendly interface that will benefit all your business needs.  

River City Data is here to take care of all your document security needs. Let us worry about all your data while you focus on the vital task of running your business. Get in contact with one of our highly-trained professionals today! 

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