There is no denying that information collection and retention is one of the challenges of owning a business. The organization of professional documents and paperwork can take up a lot of time. The consequences are severe if these are not stored and filed correctly.

Research shows that, on average, each office worker will use 10,000 pieces of paper a year. This figure includes- $20 to file, $120 to search for when or if it is misplaced, and $220 to recreate. In total, it can cost a whopping $42,250 per year – for merely locating a missing document.

It goes without saying that this could be handled far more efficiently. Digital scanning can transform your filing system, saving you precious time, space, and money. Read on to see how River City Data can help – and start making serious savings today!

What Is A Scanning Service?

As the name suggests, a professional scanning service copies all your crucial files and stores them in a digital format. This transformation means less physical paperwork to clutter up space and helps to enhance security, save time, and reduce workload.

How Can It Help?

There are a wealth of ways in which a digital scanning service could benefit your business, and these include:

  • Save time finding documents

As we have seen, searching for misplaced documents can take up a considerable amount of valuable time. It is estimated that around 400 hours a year are wasted on this task, and this is a lot of potential profit. 

By implementing a uniform filing system, and using digital files, companies can drastically reduce this number. This system streamlines the process and helps your business to run more efficiently.

  • Save the planet!

We are all now aware that as human beings, many of our actions are detrimental to the planet. These include mass printing and production of paper – a resource that directly impacts the trees we need. 

Producing and using ink for printing can also be harmful to marine and wildlife. By switching to digital, you are saving paper and ink – this is brilliant news for your carbon footprint, and the planet.

  • Stay secure

Digital files can be protected with passwords and a multilevel security system. These options are not available for physical documents, and safes and filing cabinets can be easily destroyed.

Keeping your crucial information digital instantly increases security -essential for potentially sensitive files and data.

This benefit can be even more crucial if you are storing personal or financial data, which must be securely retained for legal purposes.

  • Beat the elements

No matter how secure you believe your system to be, you can’t beat Mother Nature! Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, floods, fires, or other extreme weather can wipe out your office – and all of your documents with it. 

Such incidents may also destroy your computer system. However, backing up files digitally means you will always be able to access a copy whenever you need to. You will also be able to access the documents remotely if circumstances force a chance of office or location. 

  • Share information

We live in a global world, and your business may employ people from all over the world. By having critical files in a digital format, you can instantly speed up the time it takes to send and retrieve information.

Once, you may have had to rely on snail mail, fax, or scanning each individual document to email – all time-consuming processes. Instead, store everything digitally and help your business grow all over the world.

Also, digital files allow participants to collaborate digitally using appropriate software; this can massively speed up project times. 

Rather than waiting for communication, tasks can be carried out and updated instantly, for more efficient results. Contracts can be signed, files signed off, suggestions made, and documents updated immediately – perfect for saving time.

  • Save valuable space

Physical paper documents need to be stored and can take up a lot of space. This requires that your business will need to locate the funds for larger premises, secure storage, and extra space. 

Instead, opt for digital versions of files – this could save you a whole room or more, and free up valuable space and funds in the budget. A storage office could become valuable working space, or you could downsize to more affordable premises.

Similarly, going digital may mean that you can reduce the number of staff who have to be physically present in the office. Accessing documents online allows more flexibility for remote working or hot-desking, and this is great for both parties. 

Your entire staff can benefit from a better working arrangement that suits their needs, and your business can lease or rent a smaller office space.

  • Improve audit compliance

Depending on your business, you may be legally required to keep documents for a specific time. Also, you will likely have to produce this on-demand according to industry requirements. 

Digital filing reduces stress. You will be able to locate information immediately and quickly pull out any documentation or evidence you need. Security requirements can also be checked off the list.

This helps offer much-needed peace of mind and keeps your business totally above board and secure. Even better, you can be the one looking smug and calm when audit season rolls around!

How Can We Help?

If you think that digital scanning is the way to go, we have great news: you have come to the right place! We can help by scanning all of your essential documents in one go and ensure that they are held securely in a remote cloud system. 

Additionally, all physical files will be immediately shredded and disposed of to ensure security. Your new system will be set up and ready to go in no time.

Why Choose A Professional?

You can, of course, scan documents yourself – but this is time-consuming and expensive. We have the tools, staff, and equipment to get the job done in no time, leaving you free to run your business.

Contact River City Data today for a free consultation and see how we could help you transform your business. Save space, boost productivity, and increase profit, all through making a single, simple change to your storage.

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