What is DRaaS? And what are DRaaS solutions? While DRaaS would benefit countless people, many have never heard of it.

DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service, is a growing phenomenon in today’s world. With so much information digitally available and stored, it is essential to have a way to recover it should the worst happen.

If you own a business and you keep any digital records, and we mean any of them, you should look into the benefits of DRaaS.

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What is DRaaS?

DRaaS, or disaster recovery as a service, is a method of using the cloud to compute and backup your information and data. The reason for this cloud storage is that in the event of a disaster, your information and data would be secure. 

Without DRaaS, you risk unknown costs and hardship should a disaster or total loss occur. If you do not back up your data to a safe place, you could lose years of information, including tax information, employee records, receipts, billing, and more.

However, you will find yourself appreciating DRaaS even in the absence of a disaster. Because this system allows for a full replication of your data in the cloud, it will serve as a peripheral infrastructure. 

DRaaS will create a new environment that permits the business owner to operate their company on a daily basis while your central system is repaired. 

You will never be without your information, even during routine maintenance, as the application works on a virtual machine.

DRaaS is often not a stand-alone service. When you meet with a data specialist, like those at River City Data, you will likely receive a DRP, or disaster recovery plan. 

Why DRaaS Solutions?

There are many advantages to choosing DRaaS solutions for your business. 


  • Multisite. DRaaS is entirely in the cloud, meaning it is not tied to a specific location. Your system can be cloned to many sites. This method will allow non-stop backup of your data.
  • Array Agnostic. DRaaS is versatile and does not favor one platform. No matter what the environment or vendor, DRaaS will work.


  1. Comprehensive. As a business owner, you will choose what you want to be backed up. You can reduce costs by only choosing what is required for the backup.

Reasons to Choose DRaaS

If you are still on the fence, consider the many reasons to use DRaaS as a business solution in your organization.

Reduce the Cost of Disaster Recovery

If you are already aware of the importance of disaster recovery and are using a secondary site to store your data, you are well aware of the sometimes outrageous costs associated with this storage. 

While you know these costs are necessary, they do not have to be so high.

Using these secondary storage locations have elevated costs associated with software licenses, storage, security, replication software, and more. However, choosing DRaaS solutions effectively eliminates many, if not most, of these costs.

With DRaaS, you will not pay for:

  • The payments on the physical space for the auxiliary storage site
  • Monthly utilities to power, cool, and provide bandwidth to the site
  • Buying or leasing the servers, storage, and network tools at the auxiliary site

Simplicity, Not Complacency 

As you can see by the reasons already listed, a supplemental or secondary disaster recovery site is not for the faint of heart. If you were able to simplify the system, you could save time, money, and many headaches.

If the entire disaster recovery system were in the cloud, you would no longer have to maintain the secondary site or deal with the administrative, legal, or maintenance aspects. 

Create a Cohesive System

If you have partners with different systems or even associates in your organization with disparate systems, DRaaS solutions can bridge the gap between these systems. DRaaS will work across systems to replicate data and be compatible with the incongruous systems.

DRaaS solutions are hardware, hypervisor, and application unassociated.

Save Resources

Maintaining a dated version of disaster recovery can be costly in more than just money. In older versions, it could take weeks or even months to create and construct the secondary site. 

However, DRaaS can be up and going within a couple of hours or days. It all depends on how complex your system is.

An added benefit of this simpler system is that your IT group will save an enormous amount of time. They will not have to manage their own secondary disaster recovery site.

Comprehensive Solution

If you run your own secondary disaster recovery site, you know the costs as well as the limitations. You likely have to prioritize which servers to protect. Often, it is impossible to protect everything.

Using DRaaS solutions, companies can protect every server used, both physical and virtual. This protection is more accessible, more affordable, and done in a much more reasonable amount of time. 

With DRaaS, more complete protection is also more affordable.

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