Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The next time you visit your office basement or storage area, look around at the amount of paper it contains. This area represents your business’s history, its most relevant customer information, and its employee files. Now think about how this area would look if your pipes burst, or if there was a flood.

Not a happy sight, even in your imagination. This is why it’s wise to take precautions to safeguard these records before disaster strikes.

Why your business needs to take disaster precautions

Those boxes, desk files, cabinets, and storage containers hold essential printed information about your business. Tax files, invoices, receipts, medical records for your employees, references, legal documents – you can’t afford to lose any of them.

How much simpler is it to have these files backed up, so that if you lose your paper copies, you can reproduce them quickly and without having to commit hundreds of hours of work time? Keeping these records on a digital system is a practical, low-cost, and safe method of storing this crucial information.

For reasons of convenience, you will want to be able to access your records quickly on a day-to-day basis, especially if you are looking for current information, rather than historical.

The beauty of digitizing your files is that you can also keep records off-site, without taking up much space. Think of how easy it is to transport small, portable USB sticks, hard drives, or have access to external document storage programs rather than having to move boxes of heavy, unwieldy paper files.

How River City Data can help you

We have been in the business of protecting vital business records for over 40 years, so we know what we’re doing. And we use innovative, up-to-date technology to keep your documents safe.

  • We use Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR) to scan and convert your business documents into accurate computer versions.
  • We scan over 250,000 documents every week, so you know that our processes are fast and can deal with high volume.
  • We will use either your existing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software, or use our document hosting platform (AMI View).
  • If you have used another business’s document conversion process and it hasn’t worked for you, we can fix it.
  • We are Kofax Capture Certified. This means that we are product experts in using Advanced Capture to automate your documents.
  • Our staff has also been through thorough background checks to ensure that they are certified through the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) Certified.

What have you got to lose?

Apart from your business’s physical paper stockpile, that is. Lose the paper and free up space in your office. Back up your files, and make sure that your business’s history is safely preserved by having your data digitized by River City Data, the only data conversion company with secure employees for the absolute safety of your data.

River City Data
As a Kofax Capture Certified Document Conversion Center and a leading representative of products in the Midwest, River City Data is the Midwest’s premier document management company.

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