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Customer Service and Support

River City Data provides full support to our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with the services we provide. If you need help, just give us a call, and we’ll be ready to take care of your needs. If you have document indexing or purging questions, our support staff can help you find the answers. We have 3 decades of document retention knowledge, so we are uniquely qualified to support your document retention needs.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR software is used to convert a scanned image into a text document, and it allows you to search the document for keywords or redact private information. Redacting information fields from documents is key in making sure your sensitive information is protected. Zonal OCR is a technique for capturing information from forms. With computer and software added technology, Zonal OCR can be set up to search defined areas of your typed form. These zones are then put through an OCR process to gather indexing information. Zonal OCR is an excellent way to reduce your indexing costs.

Disaster Recovery

We can help you with your Disaster Recovery or repairs:

  • Is your Microfilm dirty and in need of repair? We can clean the film, fix the tears, and add lead-in and lead-outs to the rolls. Do they need to be brown coated to protect older types of film from deteriorating?
  • Once your documents are digitized you can store them off site digitally on hard drives or digital media. It is important to take your digitally stored documents and place them in a secure off-site location such as a bank vault.


Delivery of your materials is both safe and convenient. We’ll come to you and transport your documents in our company-owned vehicles. We’ll provide you with an inventory of the documents we pick up, and then we’ll hand-deliver them to our facility, where they are prepared for scanning. The documents remain in our custody throughout the entire process of document preparation, scanning, indexing and final disposition.

Document Storage

If you need your documents put in a long-term archive, we will work with your company to place these documents in a long-term storage facility, and also transport them to this facility.

Document Destruction

In this era of identity theft, it’s important to have reliable and secure document destruction. River City Data shreds your documents on site at our secure facility. Your important company documents and information will not be revealed to anyone. Plus, once shredded your paper is then recycled into new paper – the eco-friendly choice to make.

River City Data
As a Kodak Certified Document Conversion Center and a leading representative of Canon imaging products in the Midwest, River City Data is the Midwest’s premier document management company.

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