Data is the foundation of a business. A business’s decision-making process is dependant on their data being accurate, relevant, comprehensive, and meaningful. All of these data traits can lead to the companies growth. If not, it can be useless and detrimental to a growing company.

Here at River City Data, we are committed to aiding you with the organization, accuracy, and accessibility of your data. At River City Data, all of our employees are HIPAA certified and go through extensive background checks to ensure your data is in the best hands possible. 

What is a Document Management System?

A document management system, or DMS for short, is a system in which all of your imaged data is organized, stored, and can be easily accessed. The information is ordered within the system by tags or keywords- that way, they can be found with a quick search. The documents can be indexed by the department, for example, “finances,” or in any way that makes organizational sense to your company. 

With a document management system, the workflow is optimized. Authorized employees can access any of the documents that are currently in the workflow. This eliminates the wait times and ensures that all your valuable time is spent productively and, most importantly, on the customer. 

How Does a Document Management System Work?

In short, a good document management system:

  • Captures documents
  • Stores documents
  • Distributes documents

Document Capture

First, the documents are captured. The papers are all scanned into the computer. Which means they need to be indexed. Indexing is a way to categorize the documents. Then there are terms added to the metadata of the material, like an order number or case number. 

Done correctly, this ensures you will be able to find a document years later. 

Central Document Storage and Security 

Next is the storage of the documents. Storing documents is crucial for maintaining and managing documents from all over the place. 

Central Access

A data management system allows employees to access documents from their location. They can either access them from a company computer or through cloud-based document storage.

Static and dynamic content are the two different types of content that are stored. Static content refers to documents created daily- like invoices and purchase orders. Dynamic content would be a form of documents like emails or webpages.  

Document Security

There are two primary forms of security for your documents.

The first method is version control. Version control gives you the ability to make any necessary revisions by checking a document out. With version control, you can also track all of the changes that are made to the documents. 

The second method is through permissions. That way, access to the documents can be controlled. You can assign user rights to the author, view only, revise, or delete records.     

Document Distribution and Retrieval  

Document distribution is the way that the documents are sent to customers, vendors, and other employees. With a document management system, you can distribute the data in any means you need, like email and file transfers. 


The retrieval of documents needs to be fast and effortless. If not, your document management system is useless. 

For example, when a customer calls with an inquiry for customer service. The customer service representative needs to be able to find the answer in a flash.

 By using the keyword features and the correct use of the document management system, the customer service representative should be able to find the answer to the customer’s question. 

Data Management Minimizes Errors

An effective data management system can help minimize any data errors. Processes such as drag and drop, copy and paste, and document linking can increase the risk of inconsistencies within your data. However, with proper data management, these errors and differences can be avoided, thus increasing the validity of your company’s most valuable asset. 

The Benefits of a Document Management System


A document management system can provide you with freedom by clearing up space within the company building. There is no longer a need for large, cumbersome filing cabinets to store stacks of paper documents. You are eliminating the need for tracking down a record and manually handling it. 

The paperless system allows your company the freedom to work quicker and more efficiently. 

Imaging the documents is the first step to freedom. Once all of the materials have been imaged and converted to the correct file types, a document management system will provide you with proper organization of your documents and data. 


A document management system provides companies with convenience. One of the most notable features is the ability of all authorized employees to access and open documents from anywhere with an internet connection. 

With a cloud storage system, employees can access files through a mobile app. The app makes it possible to send, track, access files, and collaborate securely. Being able to access documents remotely allows the workflow to stay at a constant. 

Long gone are the days of the workflow coming to a grinding halt when a document lands on someone’s desk when they are out of office.

Professional Growth

Through the use of a document management system, your business will be able to continue to grow. The time previously spent organizing, keeping track, and managing paper documents can now be spent on more extensive, new projects, and your clientele. 

Free Time

Having the workload organized, secure, easily accessible, and efficient will allow your company free time to spare. This free time can be spent in other areas of importance. 

Peace of Mind

The right document management system allows you to be stress-free from any information leaks, security breaches, and other data disasters. With the use of encryption and access authentication, there is no longer a worry of internal leaks.  

Are you ready to put your document management system (DMS) into practice? Contact River City Data to get started on the document management of your dreams. 

Here at River City Data, we understand the importance and security of your companies most valuable asset. Your data is safe in our hands. 

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