Are you considering digital document imaging as a way to efficiently manage your paperwork and conserve resources? Contact River City Data to take advantage of their over 40 years of data conversion and document management experience. 

If you’re not sure digital imaging is right for your organization, here are some things you should know. 

Think You Have Too Many Documents? Don’t Worry About It.

River City Data can help you or your business back scan boxes of documents by the hundreds and even thousands. River City Data has the capacity for high-volume document conversion. We’ll also come to you; our trucks and trailers keep your information secure in our care from beginning to end.

A Document Preparation Process Tailored to Your Needs Is Important

Before you prepare your documents for digital imaging, you will need to choose a digital storage system. You should store your data in a searchable way, and that allows you to retrieve documents as needed quickly. 

Storage systems can include external hard drives, SSL, or cloud hosting. Talk it over with document imaging professionals to determine which kind of storage works best for your business or organization.

Once you know what kind of digital storage you want, you are ready to begin preparing your documents. A dedicated document management service like River City Data, will work with you to discuss your organization’s needs. Knowing an organization’s unique requirements helps document imaging professionals determine how to index and prepare their paperwork.

Attention to Detail Saves Organizations Time and Effort

Document preparation can include such detail-oriented tasks as identifying and disposing of unnecessary pages. Document imaging professionals will work with organizations to identify and purge papers that are irrelevant, unwanted, or unneeded. 

There are other intricacies that document imaging professionals oversee, which would otherwise suck up time and attention from your business. These specifics include straightening out creases, removing staples, and repairing rips and tears. 

A third-party document management service takes on this painstaking, time-consuming labor, freeing up an organization’s employees to do their jobs.

Attention to details such as tears and paper folds may seem small or excessive to most people. However, the presence of these imperfections can affect accuracy when digital imaging professionals index your documents.

Store Your Documents Digitally to Avoid Lost Time and Prevent Frustration

Once your organization scans and stores its documents digitally, mislaid documents will be a thing of the past. Additionally, digitally-archived records are indexed, and searchable. This new system will help you quickly find and retrieve what you need. 

Document imaging makes searchability possible through a process called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR recognizes in images text characters that it converts to readable, searchable documents.

Decide on a Format for Your Documents

Document imaging services can scan your paperwork into a variety of popular formats. These formats include PDF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what each format is or what difference (if any) each would make for your organization. Even if you do know, this is an important determination that can affect your business’s data for years to come. Decide on digital document formats in cooperation with a document imaging service for peace of mind. 

Document Imaging Storage Should Be Secure

Once they are in the hands of a document imaging service, your records and paperwork should be stored securely. Ensure that the employees who will be handling your organization’s records are vetted and have completed background checks. If necessary, verify that they are HIPAA certified.

Find out whether the digital imaging service you plan to will destroy original documents for you.

River City Data employees are vetted: they have completed background checks and have HIPAA certification. River City Data will also destroy originals or return them safely to your organization, depending on your preference.

Image Your Organization’s Records and Paperwork and Prevent Disaster

Facts and figures, client information, and patient records take years to accumulate. In a disaster, they can disappear in an instant. You don’t have to worry about what will happen to essential knowledge and materials in the event of a catastrophe.

When you archive your imaged documents in the cloud or an external server, you protect them from damage. Floods, extreme weather, and fire can all wipe out physical copies of valuable information. Digitally image your documents to protect your business or organization’s records.


Up until now, most of the items for consideration on this list assume large amounts of existing records to scan. You don’t need an extensive catalog of documents or paperwork to begin digital imaging your hard copies of things. Alternatively, once you have back scanned your organization’s papers, you can start scanning as you go.

Whatever your organization or business needs, River City Data can help you determine the right digital imaging solution for you. We are equipped to handle a high volume of documents.

Digital Imaging: Save Time, Space, and Money

Save human resources, work hours, and space in your office area by digital imaging and archiving your documents. You will save money and paper when you switch to digital imaging.

River City Data understands the need for businesses to use their resources responsibly. We are a local business ourselves, based in New London, MN, for over 40 years. 

We work with clientele of all kinds in Minnesota and elsewhere. If you want a locally-based, community-oriented business that understands your business’s needs, you need River City Data.

River City Data for your Digital Imaging Needs

River City Data offers a variety of services beyond document imaging. We convert microfilm and provide document hosting and archiving. We also assist with disaster recovery and e-book conversion.

When you are ready to free up your business’s space and resources, River City Data is standing by to assist you. Contact River City Data for an experienced, dedicated team that will help you scan and store your data. Our representatives will be able to give you information on our services and answer your questions about pricing.

Files floating into computer Illustration

It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small; they tend to collect paper. Whether this is for legal purposes, accountability, or one of many other reasons, companies need their documentation. 

Accessibility to those documents and assurances that they are accurate are what usually come to mind whenever the topic of getting organized is brought up at the weekly staff meetings. Having less clutter, being more space-efficient, but still being able to access records quickly, are all desired outcomes of getting organized. Digitizing those documents is an excellent way to achieve those objectives.

So, you could budget capital dollars for expensive scanners and equipment. And, you could invest significant person-hours into writing scanning processes, training staff, and then actually scanning all those documents. 

Or you could outsource this project for an efficient and successful transfer of data. Using an outside source for your document scanning services is a resourceful and cost-effective step for a company drowning in paper. 

River City Data will work with you to create that most cost-effective and beneficial data transfer project. They are just one phone call away at 877-723-3181. 

Piles of files

Here are just 3 of the reasons your company needs to hire a service to scan those documents.

  1. Clear copies and less paper

Say you had your documents scanned, and the digital copy is unreadable? When the original document was used, did it get filed back in the right place? Did it get smudged, spilled on, torn, or damaged in any other way. You can imagine the time that will be spent, the time you have to pay for, trying to find or replace that paper copy. 

Avoid this blunder by using a reputable company that will follow your company’s policies to the letter. The whole point of outsourcing is to make the day-to-day inner workings run smoother, while still maintaining, if not improving, your bottom line, of course. 

The scanned document needs to be as clear and legible as the original for you to trust your new digital data. At River City Data, we ensure the digitized copy of your document will look just like the original.

River City Data scans documents of all types and converts them into a format chosen between you and an advisor. With clear electronic copies available, in some cases, you may be able to destroy those paper copies when complete. That was one of the objectives as well, wasn’t it — save space?

Who can say no to the possibility of recycling thousands to millions of sheets of paper? Well, you can, until you and your River City Data advisor have agreed that is the correct step to take based on legal requirements, tax guidelines, or industry best practices.

Navigate the bureaucracy, man paddling through paper

2. Save time

Time is money – as the saying goes. Start choosing how you spend your time and money by outsourcing your document scanning service needs. 

How much time will a document scanning service save you? It depends on how many documents need to be scanned and organized. The more data there is to input, the more time the service can save you in the long run. A couple of hundred documents may not seem daunting, but how about thousands or tens of thousands? 

In addition to converting your documents to digital copies, we will also collaborate with you to find the most efficient method available for you to retrieve those same documents. We will determine the best way to store and transfer your documents.

Once the optimal storage format is defined, we also determine the best way to index these records to match your business processes and allow for the quickest data retrieval possible–the quickest way to get data in and quickest way to get data out.

Time is money, and the times they are a-changing. Making these changes to your document storage is converting time wasted into time well spent. To keep your business processes ahead of the competition, you will need to accommodate digital data increasingly, and this is the first step. 

3. Save on training

The time and effort needed for training can be simple to not so simple, depending on the skill being taught. It may be easier to train someone how to file in a cabinet, but paper filing is more time consuming and often done wrong. 

Large scale scanning equipment needs specific training and experience, coupled with the instruction to operate the computer and its software. Training someone on scanning and indexing documents may take some more effort, but it will save you time in the long run.

There is another option. Turn those documents over to those that are already trained in converting paper documents to digital. Then take those training dollars and allocate them to another critical area within your company.

3d laptop and folders on white background

To Be Clear

Clean copies, less paper, less time, and saving on training are some of the reasons to outsource your document scanning services. In time you will come to realize if you haven’t already, the importance of digitizing your documents to increase efficiency within your company. 

Leave it to the trained experts, and your digital copies will always be clean and right where you left them. Handling those documents will require less time for storing and retrieving. 

Document Scanning with River City Data

Document scanning is a time-eating task that requires not only the appropriate staffing levels but expertise and the right equipment. River City Data staff has the training, knowledge, and scanners capable of handling a wide variety of document formats. 

In addition, we have in-house dedicated trucks and a large facility to accommodate all your documentation. We remain in control of your documents from pickup through scanning and beyond–putting all your concerns regarding transportation and security at ease. 

At River City Data, you may find our services to be just the ticket to take that next step in moving your company forward into the digital era. Call River City Data for your new scanning service.