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Today’s businesses produce more paper and electronic documents than ever before. Paper storage is very costly, difficult and costly to manage, and finding documents in storage is both expensive and time consuming.

Converting your paper into an electronic format can decrease your retrieval time from hours to minutes. You won’t have the inconvenience of lost or misplaced documents, and you’ll improve time management and reduce expenses by eliminating the need to allocate staff to document storage and retrieval.

Let A.M.I’s professional staff prepare your documents for scanning. We will review your document files and work with you to purge unwanted pages, arrange lead documents, fix tears and folds, remove staples and arrange for high speed scanning. This process can be time consuming and lead to scanning and indexing errors if not completed correctly. At this time, all purged documents need to be double checked for accuracy.

Before scanning begins, A.M.I. will work with you to learn your business’s needs, so that we can determine the best practices for indexing and preparing your documents. Indexing is the most important step in the electronic document storage field. Without the proper indexing, it will be difficult to find your documents.

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of boxes of documents? A.M.I. can help your company with large back-scanning conversions. Our facilities are setup for high volume preparation, scanning and storage needs. Plus, we come to you and pick up your documents using company owned trucks and trailers. The documents remain in our custody from pickup, to scanning, and through document destruction.

The Process

  1. Prep
    River City Data has a large document preparation facility where we remove unnecessary items from the scanning process, such as staples and post-it notes, repair tears and folds in your documents, and resize your documents. This prepares them for the scanner.
  2. Scan
    Scanning is the process of turning paper into electronic images. River City Data can scan any important document, from small receipts to large legal papers.
  3. Index
    Indexing your information is a vital part of the document retention process. We’ll work with you to provide indexing solutions that meet your business’s needs.
  4. Archive
    We work with you to determine how best to store your electronic documents. We offer a variety of solutions, including CDs, DVDs, and our Document Hosting.
River City Data
As a Kodak Certified Document Conversion Center and a leading representative of Canon imaging products in the Midwest, River City Data is the Midwest’s premier document management company.

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