Disaster can strike with minimal warning. Even if you have any advance notice, you will likely be focusing on essential things, like the safety of your family. Thankfully, there are disaster recovery services to help after the fact.

One of the last things you want to be worrying about following a disaster is whether or not your pictures and papers have survived. If you find yourself in this distressing position, River City Data is here to help.

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need help restoring your home or business to normal after a disaster, or if you want to pre-emptively back up your data and documents, contact River City Data. We have the expertise and skills to recover and safeguard your essential items.

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Types of Natural Disaster

You never know what kinds of disasters are in store. From tornadoes to hurricanes, from floods to fires, there are many things nature can throw your way.

..While residents of Minnesota should be safe from hurricanes and the like, it is best always to prepare yourself. You never know when a thunderstorm, tornado, or flash flood can hit.


Tornadoes are the result of air rising, cooling, and moisture condensing. When the force of the lifting of the air is strong enough, the updraft can have intense winds. This updraft is where tornadoes form.

This column of air can be violent and cause winds up to 300 miles per hour. The tornado touches both the enormous cloud and the Earth. These storms, depending on their strength, can tear apart everything in their path. Tornadoes are rated on the Enhanced Fujita scales, i.e., F1 to F5.

Severe Storms

Severe storms can be anything from thunderstorms to lightning storms. Depending on the type of storm, damage can vary. Thunderstorms can result in immense rain and flooding, while the electrical charge from lightning storms can cause a fire.


When you think of a hurricane, you generally think of the tropics and warm weather. While this is typically true, hurricanes can occur in other regions. 

A hurricane is a low-pressure system with a counterclockwise circulation that can come with thunderstorms.

Hurricanes can be classified as tropical depressions with maximum sustained winds of 38 mph, a tropical storm with sustained winds between 39 and 73 mph, and a hurricane with sustained winds over 74 mph. Hurricanes are categorized on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale from Category 1 to Category 5.

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Floods can occur from a variety of causes. Primarily, a flood occurs when there is an excess of water that is unable to clear or flow away effectively. Whether a flood happens in your home from a busted pipe or a storm with excessive rain, this flooding of water can damage everything they contact.


From wildfires to house fires, fires are devastating. Sometimes things can be recovered, but often there is little left to work with after a fire.


The Earth’s crust is full of points of weakness, or fault lines. An earthquake occurs when stress is built up under the surface along these lines. When the pressure becomes too much for rocks or the crust, energy is released and becomes an earthquake.

Vibrations, also called seismic waves, radiate from the center of the earthquake- Picture ripples in a pool of water. These waves shake the ground and can cause a large amount of damage.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere and are measured on the Richter Scale.

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Disaster Recovery Services

At River City Data, we perform a variety of services after a natural disaster. From repairing and protecting microfilm to digitizing documents, we can help you recover from the worst-case scenario.


Typically after a natural disaster, several things have to happen to recover and protect your documents.

    1. Inventory. The first thing we do is to inventory your documents. We want a thorough account of everything you have before doing any work. This inventory will help us determine which materials are salvageable and which need to be shredded for your protection.
    2. Transport. After the inventory, we will transport your documents to a facility where the restoration can occur. You can rest assured that we take the utmost care with your papers and monitor the chain of custody.
    3. Clean. After the documents are safely dried, they are carefully cleaned. Careful consideration is taken to ensure all silt, soot, or mold is removed from your documents.
    4. Sanitize. We care about your health and safety, so we ensure that we sanitize everything before returning anything to you.
    5. Return. After cleaning and sanitizing your documents, we perform a thorough audit so we can ensure we have everything with which you trusted us. We return the items taking special care with the chain of custody again.

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Why Disaster Recovery Services

If a disaster has struck your home or business, the last thing you want to worry about is recovering your documents so you can return to your routine.

Whether you are concerned about your personal records, from deeds to licenses to passports and everything in between, or you run a business and depend on these documents for your livelihood, you can count on River City Data.

We take the utmost care in recovering your documents so you can focus on getting back to life. You can focus on picking up the pieces with your family while we focus on your documents. 

Preparing for the Future

When we are recovering your documents after a natural disaster, ask us about digitizing them. You won’t have to worry in the future should the unthinkable happen again. You will know your documents are stored digitally and, therefore, safe from natural disasters.

Being proactive now can save you headaches and potential heartache down the road. Digitizing your records now, even before a disaster strikes, is essential. Contact River City Data today and ask how we can give you peace of mind going forward.

At River City Data, we take care of your documents so you can get on with your life.


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