Are you thinking of becoming a data entry specialist? Do you have an eye for detail and strive to push yourself to higher and higher standards? Do you have strong computer skills and experience with databases?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the field of data entry may be the right one for you. Consider a career as a data entry specialist today.

These days, the one thing that drives almost every business is data. To be successful, offices must have talented data entry specialists to deal with all that data.

The best data entry specialists input data with both speed and accuracy. This accuracy is vital for your team’s ability to access the data and numbers for everyday use. 

At River City Data, we know the importance of a data entry specialist for your company. Let us tell you a bit more about this vital position. 

But what do data entry specialists do?

Data Entry Specialists Job Description

Depending on the level of experience, there are different levels of data entry specialists. There are two primary levels of data entry specialists. The job descriptions are as follows-

Entry-Level Data Specialist

An entry-level position for a data specialist is the base level. Also known as a junior data entry specialist, this introductory-level specialist is responsible for quickly and accurately entering data into the correct database. 

Additionally, the person fulfilling this role may also be responsible for taking orders from customers and entering those orders into a tracking system. 

Senior-Level Data Specialist

As with any job, the higher up the ladder you go, the more responsibilities you will be expected to undertake. The duties of a senior-level data entry specialist include-

  • Responsibility to prioritize and batch information for data entry
  • Complete information analysis for procedures and reports
  • Obtain knowledge and experience in technical material
  • Ability to train and supervise colleagues
  • Enter high volumes of data

Data Entry Specialists Special Skills

There are some critical skills that any level of data entry specialists needs to have. Every data entry specialist needs strong skills in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and Word. 

Most importantly, though, to be truly successful, a data entry specialist needs excellent typing skills. Each employer will have his or her individual required rates.

Data entry specialists should be able to quickly and accurately transcribe large amounts of data. The most useful data entry specialists will have the ability to manage their time well. They should also possess excellent interpersonal skills.

There are many ways to ensure that you are accurately transcribing the information with which you are presented. When looking for a suitable candidate, check to see if they possess any of these qualities or strategies. 

  • Reading the data multiple times before entering
  • Manually comparing entries against the original before submitting
  • The candidate should be well versed in the most well-known database management systems- Excel and SQL have tools for data validation to help with input

Directly behind the accuracy, the next most important quality of a data entry specialist is the speed at which he or she types. The words per minute, or WPM for short, is the standard metric used by most companies to measure typing speeds.

A reliable data entry specialist should have a WPM of 55 to 80. Additionally, the right candidate should be able to utilize the technique of touch typing. 

Touch typing is the ability to type without looking down at the keyboard. When you learn to touch-type effectively, you can type more quickly. Also, you are better able to catch and fix your errors as you type. You are reading the data as you type it, so mistakes are more prominent. 

How much does a data entry specialist make?

Once again, the amount of money a data entry specialist makes depends on a variety of factors. The salary point for this position ranges from the high $20,000s to the mid $50,000s. 

A data entry specialist who hones his or her skills with continued practice and learning will have more options when it comes to job placement. He or she will be better able to negotiate a higher salary. 

Anyone striving to reach the highest levels of the data entry specialist field should continue to grow and learn with each new position he or she accepts. 

Some More Data Entry Specialist Details

One valuable skill that a good data entry specialist should have is the ability to determine which details are the most important for entry quickly. This data will differ depending on the position and company. 

If you want to become a crucial member of your company, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Familiarize yourself with your company’s policies and values. 

Once you know the ins and outs of your company’s data management system, you should be able to quickly and effectively identify and prioritize the most critical information. That data should be prioritized over other tasks. 

Even the most experienced data entry specialist can get bored doing such repetitive work. The best ones have strategies to help them stay focused. They know they need to maximize their focus to ensure accuracy. 

They make sure to take short, sporadic breaks to stay sharp. Additionally, they may occasionally change the order in which they input different types of entries. 

If you get in too much of a pattern, your brain loses its ability to focus. These sporadic changes force your mind to engage with each new task as it arises. 

Data entry specialists often deal with sensitive or confidential information. The employees at River City Data are thoroughly checked and vetted to ensure they can correctly handle that sensitive information appropriately. 

Data entry is generally a solo exercise. The best data entry specialists should be able to work independently. They should be able to solve most problems that arise, with minimal input from their superiors. 

Data entry specialists perform a vital function in any company’s data management system. If you are a Twin Cities or New London based company, consider River City Data for all your data management needs. Let our experience and expertise work for you. 

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