Is your office in need of a good cleaning and decluttering? Spring cleaning doesn’t need to wait for spring to come, you can clean anytime.

From New Year’s resolutions to everyday to-do lists, the need for a good cleaning is something that never goes away. One of the best ways to clean and declutter your office is by hiring a good document scanning company.

If your business is like most, and you always seem to be drowning in an overabundance of paper, it is time to transfer those physical copies into digital ones. The numerous benefits of document scanning far outweigh the costs. 

Paper files are an outdated and frankly temporary solution to your company’s data storage and management. Scan your files and records today and convert them to your preferred digital format. 

When you are ready for a more permanent solution to your paper problem, look to River City Data for your digital conversion needs. 

River City Data has been a New London Staple for over forty years. We service clients all over the country, and we would love to help you declutter and organize your workspace for more efficiency and better flow. 

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Why should I consider document scanning?

The benefits and reasons to consider a digital document scanning service are numerous. Let’s go over a few of them now.

Lower Costs

According to a study by the International Data Corporation, loss of time and money is a leading cause of revenue loss for corporations today. 

For example, a company that employs one thousand trained and knowledgeable employees will see losses as high as $2.5 million dollars per year on lost time and resources through an inability to both locate and retrieve necessary information. 

It is essential that your company implements an effective organizational strategy. Paper files and physical documents may not be the most efficient method of storing information. 

No matter how well you organize your files, it is inevitable that the clutter and mess will eventually build back up again. You will be forced to waste man-hours to clean and re-organize.  

It is not enough to simply organize and declutter your paper files; you must take the next logical step and digitize your data. 

When you implement a digital document management system, you will help your company save money in three key areas:

  • Supply Costs- paper, printer ink, toner, file cabinets, shelving, storage
  • Labor Costs- improve employee productivity, search by keyword for instant access
  • Space Costs- open up storage space for more valuable uses

When you scan your documents, you are essentially killing two birds with one stone. You are taking care of your clutter problem while boosting productivity at the same time.

Higher Productivity

When you transfer to a digital management system by scanning your documents, you will severely boost your team’s productivity, efficiency, and time management. 

You can implement automated tracking systems and use any labeling system that works for you and your team. Your tedious administrative tasks, such as the management of records and record retention, can be streamlined. 

Your data will be much easier to manage. Your employees will be able to access, copy, and distribute data quicker and easier. 

Your team will be able to get more work done within the system, leaving little need for extra equipment or physical paper copies. 

Most importantly, you will free up valuable office space. When you clear out much of your paper storage, the space previously devoted to its retention can be re-purposed to a more useful occupation. 

Add a few more employee offices, a brand new employee lounge, a conference room, or even a new customer service area. Use that valuable space for a revenue-generating avenue instead of a storage closet. 

Improved Security

The concept of the protection of the urban network . Hands show the protective shield.

Even better than the clearing away of clutter, when you take time to scan and digitize your data, you will enjoy an increase in security. Protect your company and employees from the dangers of doing business in the age of the internet. 

Unfortunately, part of modern life is the threat of identity theft and many other security risks of living much of our lives in an online space. 

When you implement a document scanning program, you will be able to completely remove any physical copies of potentially sensitive information from your office or workspace. That way, there will be nothing for thieves or disgruntled employees to steal. 

Another benefit of a digital document management system is the added protection from accidents or disasters. A locked filing cabinet is entirely susceptible to fire, damage, or disaster. 

When you digitally back-up your data, it is much easier to protect. Many online data retention services employ safety measures such as encryption, access controls, and frequent data backups. 

Once you have scanned and backed-up all of your data, you will be able to shred all of your old and obsolete physical files. The peace of mind you gain will be as good, if not better than the money and time saved. 

Simplified Retention Tracking

Any business that relies on record-keeping has experienced the pains of proper record retention. Legal record retention periods vary, depending on the type of record and the function of the business. 

With physical record storage, the chances of missing a retention time are much higher than a digital document management system. Nobody wants to miss a retention deadline. 

When you scan and convert your data into a digital format, you will streamline your entire data stream and increase the efficiency of your operating system as a whole. 

If you choose the right document management system, you can even implement an automated retention tracking system. You will effectively take the guesswork out of your record retention timeline because the whole system will be continuously monitored and updated. 

If you are ready to do away with all the clutter and feng shui your space, contact River City Data today. We will turn your paper nightmares into digital dreams.