Finding documents quickly and easily is what document management is all about. Using a perfectly balanced combination of hardware and software, River City Data ensures you'll be able to locate your documents with a few computer keystrokes. Our software solutions can include features like automatic backup of paper files, security from unauthorized viewers and multiple user access to the same document simultaneously. Systems are easily integrated with existing business applications and provide a fast return on investment.

Electronic document and content management systems save organizations time and money, and safeguard your data. The systems range from full featured, in-house document and content management system, to massive, hosted, off-site document and content management repository,

We are proud to feature: imagize™ by River City Data, which provides an immediate return on a one-time investment by eliminating expensive overhead for document management software, computer infrastructure and technical support in the storing and retrieving of digital documents. Simply stated: imagize™ utilizes proven technologies in delivering your high-quality digital documents anywhere at anytime - 24/7 without the hassle. imagize™ will:

  • Customize to fit your specific needs
  • Secure access to your digital documents for information privacy
  • Provide an information protection and disaster recovery plan
  • Reduce costs associated with document storage, retrieval, distribution and duplication

  • Reduce current, physical storage space required for paper files by 100%

    Two of our other most popular softwares are Digitech's PaperFlow and Papervision line, and Pinnacle's vDocs line.

    River City Data Incorporated has provided document conversion and Document Management Solutions to a wide range of customers throughout the upper Midwest.

    Some of the conversion applications we have provided include but are not limited to:

    • Accounts Payable and Receivable
    • Airway Bills and Bills of Lading
    • Insurance Claims
    • Contracts
    • Credit Card Bills and Applications
    • Property Abstracts
    • Financial Records
    • Library Books
    • Litigation and Legal Case Files
    • Medical Records
    • Manuals and Technical Data
    • Public Records
    • Human Resources Files
    • Land Surveys
    • Large Format Engineering Drawings

    Some of our document imaging and outsourcing services include document scanning, document imaging, forms processing, data processing services, data conversion, data entry services, OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition), PDF conversion, indexing services, and a complete line of microfilm and microfiche sales and services.

    With over 30 years in the document conversion industry we have the experience and expertise to handle any of your companies needs.