When it comes to comprehensive document management services, River City Data addresses the entire document management process from imaging and content management to compliance and security. Our technical experts offer a full range of integration services as well as custom system development.

Litigation Support

Our Litigation Support Services division can save you time, money, and headaches. Documents converted to CDís can be taken anywhere. Electronic documents can shorten deposition times, ease in the search for bates numbers, save money in copying costs, and easily provide collaborative access to any documents.

Security and Quality

With more than 30 years in the document management industry, River City Data knows that document security and quality are a prime concerns. Our dedicated support staff follows the strictest of security and quality control steps.


We can scan just about any media you might encounter; black and white or color pages, microfilm or fiche, books, slides, engineering drawings, aperture cards, and more. Image capture is offered at many different resolutions to suit the needs of the electronic solution that has been chosen. All documents require some level of prepping before they are scanned, River City Data has perfected a system that allows any document to be prepped, scanned, and reassembled to itís original state.

Customized Electronic Stamping

After a project has been scanned, we can electronically stamp groups of images or individual images, for easy review and sorting of files and records. Including Bates Stamping, attorney client privilege, and confidential stamps. Our stamps can be placed in any location on the document, or added to the bottom of the document to prevent any obstruction of information.


Need paper copies of your documents? We can blowback the scanned images with or without stamping.

Coding Services

Basic coding involves entering information that is located in the header sections of a document including; author, recipient, date, document type, etc. Advanced coding is the pulling out of information from the body of a document including ; key words, names, organizations, etc.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to turn a scanned image into a text searchable document. This allows searching for any word on a document, not just the ones that have been coded.

Electronic Document Imaging

We can take electronic documents, such as a Word or Excel documents, and create a static version that can be processed along with the paper documents that have been scanned.

Disaster Recovery

We and our partners can help you with your disaster recovery needs. Cleaning, repairing, and recovering lost data on Microfilm or electronic media. Often at a cost that is much less than our competitors, due to our close ties with manufacturers of the media.

Delivery Formats

Every company has a unique requirement for the format of the converted documents. Our programmers can match your requirements and deliver the data in the format that works best for you on a variety of media types.


We have onsite delivery vehicles to facilitate pickup and delivery of your conversion material. We can also use freight carriers for large scale deliveries.

Document Storage

Need to store your original documents? Our relationships with secure temperature controlled document storage facilities will ensure that your documents are stored in such a way as to reduce the risk of any damage to them.

Document Destruction

Document destruction can be difficult, but we can either arrange for simple hauling away of the paper documents after conversion, or schedule shredding services to guarantee that no one will see your corporate information.

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