High Speed Professional Scanners

Using high-speed scanners to turn documents into retrievable images is easy and cost effective. It takes only seconds to scan letter-sized documents using machines from Canon, Inotec, Fujitsu, and Kodak. Different machines scan at different resolutions and some can scan everything from standard letter and legal documents to multi-part forms. They can scan to small sized bi tonal (black and white) images, larger grayscale (256 shades of gray), or large near photo quality color images.

The experts from River City Data will help you pick the right high-speed scanners for your document imaging system.

Workgroup Scanners

Kodak i30 & i40

Kodak i55 & i65

Canon DR2050C

Canon DR2080C

Canon DR2580C

Departmental Scanners

Kodak i50 & i60 & i80

Canon DR3060

Canon DR3080CII

Entry Level Production Scanners

Kodak i200

Canon DR5010C

Canon DR5020

Mid Range Scanners

Kodak i600

Canon DR6080

High Speed Scanners

Kodak i660

Kodak i800

InoTec Scamax 4x Series

InoTec Scamax 510

Canon DR7080C

Canon DR7580C

Canon DR9080C

Digital Image and Microfilm Scanners

Canon DR5060F

Check Scanners

Canon CR55 Check Transport

Canon CR180 Check Transport

Scan To Media

Canon CD4050

Canon CD4070NW