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imagize™ resides in a Tier 1 data center. What does that mean?

First, the imagize™ computers reside in a physically secure and robust environment:

  • The building in which the data center resides is constructed of concrete, steel, and granite, rests on high ground, and is not in a flood plain.

  • The computers are protected by concrete walls and steel doors. Physical access requires going through 3 sets of locked doors. All access is monitored.

  • All systems are monitored 24/7 for any signs of problems. Most hardware issues are addressed before any functionality is affected. Spare computers are kept on "stand by", so that in a worst case failure of a given computer, although very unlikely, a system would be down for only minutes.

  • The data center has multiple internet connections with multiple ISP's (Internet Service Providers).

  • Backup generators provide immunity from power failures.
  • Second, your data is safe.

  • When you click the "Save" button in imagize™, your data is saved to the computers within the data center.

  • Within about 30 seconds, your data is then saved again to two (2) separate Storage Area Networks (SAN). The two SAN environments are physically a few blocks a way from both each other and the data center in order to provide complete redundancy.

  • Each night the SANs are backed-up to tape, and then the backup tapes are then securely transported to a secure storage facility a few miles away.

  • Third, the facilities and staff meet strict regulatory guidelines.

  • As imagize™ has clients in both the financial and medical industries, HIPAA and other regulations are met.

    Now, look back at your existing file cabinets and computers. If your business sustained a fire, flood, break-in, or other unpleasant event, where would you rather have your information kept?

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    imagize™ was designed from the start to be flexible and integrate easily. If you have data that resides in your existing systems that needs to be shared with imagize™ (or sent from imagize™), our integration experts can work with you to provide the exact solution you need.

    imagize™ can be adapted work with your systems using a variety of formats and technologies including xml, web services, and delimited formats including csv and others.


    When your documents are with imagize™, everything that happens with them is tracked from the moment they are scanned.

    Once scanned to your imagize™ portal you should never have to ask "Where is my document?".

    As clients review the accountability built into imagize™, this often brings to light gaps in their current processes that can be addressed through imagize™.

  • Who's been looking at which files?
  • Who updated what records?
  • With imagize™ these activities and many more are logged.

    What if you move to a different system for managing your information in the future? Not a problem! Our integration experts can help you integrate imagize™ to work with your new application(s). You can also request your files and information back at any time.

    It's a win-win scenario!

    Virtual Office Information

    Archive easily. Retrieve instantly.

    If every piece of information in your company were right at your finger tips.. Just think what you could accomplish. But partial information is only partially valuable; unwieldy documents such as faxes, oversized drawings and correspondence sometimes elude paper-based or less sophisticated electronic archiving systems. With Virtual Office Information, you'll have the means to store everything... from spreadsheets, letters and invoices to E-size drawings. Microfilm or microfiche. Aperture cards. Photographs. With the proper interface, even files from a mainframe, mini, another PC, or fax line. Sound files, video clips and digital photographs can also be stored in the system. Anything that can be scanned, and any electronic information that is imported is accessible and instantly retrievable.

    Tame the information monster. In seconds.

    No matter what business you're in, time is a valuable resource. The cost of retrieving information can be immense, causing expensive information bottlenecks that impede your ability to get things done. Virtual Office Information lets you spend more time managing your business and less time hunting for information.

    Anyone who recognizes the term "backup"knows valuable data needs to be protected.

    You may not want to think about disaster recovery, but it's all too easy to imagine the effect on your business if suddenly, years of financial records, engineering drawing and other information were irretrievably lost. Worse yet, an unreliable records system can be damaging to your company... without you being aware of it and without a catastrophic event. Virtual Office Information's rebuild feature writes index information along with the file on the optical media, so that the database can be easily restored if lost due to a disk crash or other disaster.

    Why waste time training?

    Virtual Office Information is easy to use. Anyone with experience using MS-Windows word processor programs can become efficient in the use of Virtual Office Information within a few hours. As long as your PC supports the application, the document is there in seconds. Using simple key words, you can access the document you want and view it in its native format, with almost no training required.

    Organize any way you like.

    Virtual Office Information emulates a manual filing system. Select a filing cabinet. Place documents of any kind in a folder. Scanned files coexist with CAD drawings, ASCII files, spreadsheets or word-processed files, color images or digital color photographs. Folders archived on optical media can be reopened as many times as you like in order to add additional documents to the archived folder. Virtual Office Information allows simultaneous access of data by everyone on your network.

    All the security and dependability you want.

    Virtual Office Information provides a secure, easy-to-use system that doesn't complicate your everyday operations. In addition to the inherent security provided by your network, Virtual Office Information provides group level security for accessing folders and the contents within it. You'll have the dependability of industry standard optical media, including 5 1/4-inch (erasable or WORM) and 12-inch (WORM). They can be used in stand-alone drives or with a jukebox. And you're protected with Virtual Office Information's Rebuild Feature... it writes index information along with the file on the optical media, so the database can be easily restored. Multiple security levels assure that documents are accessed only by authorized users.

    PaperVision Enterprise

    Digitech Systems software brings any document in your organization to your fingertips, instantly. We deliver it wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our electronic document and content management systems save organizations time and money. The systems range from a full featured, in-house document and content management system, PaperVision Enterprise, to a massive, hosted, off-site document and content management repository, ImageSilo. In addition, a full complement of additional products address all of a company's information needs. Digitech Systems solutions:

    • Provide instant access to corporate information across disparate geographic locations
    • Generate competitive advantage for businesses by allowing them to access any document, anywhere, anytime
    • Save virtually all businesses time through improved process efficiency
    • Secure critical business data from theft and disaster
    • Offer the peace of mind and data security of robust collaboration tools such as check-in/check-out and version control
    • Assist businesses in a wide variety of industries with compliance to government and industry standards and regulations
    • Virtually eliminate copying, faxing, and document filing costs in addition to physical storage space for files and file cabinets
    • Move document management from a luxury convenience to an essential element of a well-managed business

    PaperVision Enterprise (PVE), the core application of Digitech Systems, is an electronic document management solution for companies of all sizes giving instant access and control to corporate data. It provides electronic document management capabilities simply, easily and cost-efficiently. Optional components of PVE include: PaperVision Enterprise Report Management, PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow, PaperVision Enterprise Directory Manager, PaperVision Distribution Assistant and PaperVision Enterprise Advanced Administration Pack.

    • Desktop or web-based access to critical corporate data allowing employees to view documents from their office or when they are traveling
    • Extensive seamless integration with virtually any line of business application instantly displays associated documents by utilizing a simple keyboard hot-key
    • Maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines by giving auditors, administrators and directors documented evidence of internal controls that communicate, store, and protect documents
    • Provide unalterable logs or databases of who has accessed which pieces of information, where and when
    • Grant temporary, limited, secure web-based access to external users
    • Unlimited scalability allows businesses to run the application on a single desktop computer or thousands of computers within a worldwide organization
    • Provide maximum control over corporate information by utilizing extensive security level options for groups and individuals, which incorporate project access, document-level filtering and specific functionality limitations

    Other Options

    We represent a number of other programs for document retrieval as well. Let us help you choose the software that is right for you.