With a legacy of imaging experience and innovative technologies, Kodak is at the heart of a key information imaging industry-document imaging. Kodak pioneered the process of transforming huge volumes of paper into digital information through high-speed scanning, and the flagship KODAKi800 Series Scanners expertly blend high-tech features and real-world benefits. The ultimate triumph of the KODAKi810, i820, i830 and i840 Scanners is that they deliver the high-value benefits that customers need most: productivity, versatility and reliability.


Itís absolutely essential for high-volume applications and KODAK i800 Series Scanners deliver it. Our exclusive paper handling technology easily accepts documents of different sizes, weights and types, and enables stack after stack of documents to fly through our scanners at speeds up to 160 pages per minute-day in and day out.


Another must-have for massive workloads with production spikes, multiple batch types and the need for workflow optimization on the fly. With KODAK i800 Series Scanners, versatility is inherent. An upgrade path is designed in, which means you can add speed or color/ grayscale scanning right at your site, with minimal downtime.


Itís a critical component for any efficient high volume application. And you get it in multiple ways with KODAK i800 Series Scanners. Robust features like advanced image processing and renowned paper handling allow you to reliably zip through your most challenging workloads-today, next week, next month and next year. Plus KODAK Service & Support is just a phone call away, helping to maximize your uptime.

Proven document imaging performance from the world leader in imaging-for your high-volume application. Thatís what KODAK i800 Series Scanners are all about. If you think they look good on paper, wait until you see them in action.

Advanced image processing.

Great image quality and performance delivered to virtually any document management application at high speed. Advanced image processing in the KODAK i800 Series Scanners minimizes presorting and post-image processing, which helps maximize your usable image throughput. Hereís why:

Perfect Page Scanning with iThresholding*

  • Delivers exceptional image quality, even on challenging documents with low contrast, with readability as good as-and sometimes better than-the original document
  • Produces deskewed images, excellent OCR/ICR read rates and, in many cases, smaller file sizes
  • Multiple cropping options allow you to automate scanning efficiencies such as black border removal and scanning of a select image area for forms processing

Unique patch code

Allows your KODAK i800 Series Scanners to automatically switch "on the fly" between bitonal and color/grayscale** scanning

Five image output options**

Support virtually any workflow and supply images to almost any document management software:

  • bitonal only
  • simultaneous bitonal and color
  • color only
  • simultaneous bitonal and grayscale
  • grayscale only

Fulfill all kinds of business needs such as forms processing, web presentation, key from image, regulatory compliance, archiving and more.

Electronic color dropout enhances forms processing by allowing the scanner to ignore irrelevant background color and capture only the information you need

*Some document capture applications do not utilize the full benefits of iThresholding
**Color and grayscale output available on the KODAK i820 and i840 Scanners.

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