Z40 Reader-Printer

The ALOS Z40 is an economical, compact, energy-efficient, plain paper reader-printer that offers Zoom lens capability.

This unique feature enables the operator to change magnification, view, and print; all without changing a lens.

For convenience and ease of operator use, all controls are located in the front of the machine. Space conscious in design, prints exit up front in the built-in paper tray, allowing the Z40 to be used in small work areas.

Using an exclusive imaging process, the ALOS Z40 achieves affordable print costs, while keeping the cost of maintenance down.

The ALOS Z40 is attractively designed and will complement any office dιcor. Reliable and efficient, durably constructed, and simple to operate, the Z40 represents unsurpassed productivity in its class.

Inexpensive and Easy to Operate

The ALOS Z40 Reader-Printer offers a number of distinct advantages over other reader-printers available today.

Compact enough to be placed in any work area, this desk-top unit can be situated wherever the need to view and print a filmed document may arise.

The Z40 is very quiet when operating- so it can be effectively used in any working office environment, when a high-quality print is required.

Whatever your viewing need may be, we have the lenses to fit it; a zoom lens, prism lenses or fixed magnification lenses. Easy load Paper Cassette, convenient controls, and a large viewing screen make using the Z40 a pleasure.

An optional Rollfilm Carrier is available to transform the Z40 from solely a fiche reader-printer into an efficient multi-format reader-printer.

Its field-proven durability and reliability combined with its affordable price, make the Z40 a sound investment. You can bank on crisp and inexpensive prints every time.

Zoom In on the Desired Image

Changing lenses is no longer necessary. With the Z40’s Zoom lens (18x-36x), 8-1/2” x 11” viewing and printing of all common COM formats is now possible. And with a Zoom dial, you can easily view and print at any desired magnification.

Image Rotation Made Easy

Conventional prism lenses with 18x, 23.5x, 29x, 41x, and 46x magnifications are available, allowing perfect alignment for viewing and printing of standard COM or source documents, every time.

Fixed Magnification Lenses

These cost effective lenses are invaluable when only COM viewing is required. They are available in the following magnifications:

31.5x lens for 42x COM
36x lens for 48x COM
54x lens for 72x COM
Positive and Negative Printing

Whenever the need arises, the ALOS Z40 can print both positive or negative film, with the addition of an optional Bi-modal Printing System. Simply switch the imaging units so all your printing needs are met. Convenient carrying case is available to protect additional units.

Easy Operator Maintenance

The ALOS Z40 requires minimal service. It utilizes a convenient toner cartridge that can be easily be replaced by the operator. The clam shell design allows easy access to the paper path for clearing of potential paper jams and routine maintenance.

Reader or Reader/Printer

Flexibility- You make the choice. During times when printing an image is not necessary, the Z40 can be operated as a reader only. Switching to the reader-only mode, the Z40 is energy efficient and costs less to operate.

Space-Saving Design

The prints are delivered in the built-in paper tray up front, and just below the control panel. Because of this unique design, this compact desk-top unit needs less space and can be placed in small work areas.

Low Copy Cost

Utilizing an exclusive imaging process, the ALOS Z40 achieves an affordable print cost, while providing a very low cost for maintenance.

All controls are just a touch away

For ease of operation, all controls are located up front and provide several functions to include indicators, controls, and diagnostic codes.

Easy Loading Paper Cassette

Conveniently located, the paper cassette holds a generous quantity of up to 150 sheets of letter-size plain paper. This eliminates frequent interruptions to refill the paper tray.

Optional Accessory: ALOS Z40 Check Masking Unit

An Optional Check Masking Kit for the ALOS Z40 Reader-Printer allows easy masking of any document or portion of a document that must be kept confidential. The unit is preset at 3.5 inches –the standard for check printing applications. Control knob for masking is conveniently located in front of unit for ease of use. To increase or decrease the area to be masked, just turn the knob. The masking accessory is easy to use with no additional training necessary. Can be used with rollfilm or fiche carriers, and can be factory installed or quickly installed in the field by a qualified technician. No external power source is needed. The masking unit must be used with a lens that allows for image rotation.




Printing Method:

Dry printing on plain paper

Developing System:

Exclusive Micro-Toning System

Density Control:



Microfiche, Jackets
16mm rollfilm and
35mm rollfilm


12” x 12” (305mm x 305mm)


Zoom lens: 18x –36x
Prism lenses: 18x, 23.5x, 29x, 41x, 46x
COM lenses: 31.5x, 36x, 54x

Image Rotation:

Prism lens required

Print Size:

Letter size: 8-1/2” x 11”

Print Speed:

6 prints per minute

First Print Speed:

14.5 seconds

Multiple Prints:

1-9 prints (LED countdown indication)

Warm-up Time:

30 seconds (approx.)

Paper Supply:

Auto-feed, 150-sheet cassette


19” (483mm) W
29” (737mm) D
26” (660mm) H


82 lbs. (37 kg)



Safety Approval:

All units are UL, CSA approved


16mm & 35mm
manual and motorized
rollfilm carrier,
Imaging unit,
Carrying Case for Imaging Unit,
Check Masking Unit

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