SunRise 2500

SunRise Imaging, the company that pioneered high-performance production film scanning, now brings you the SunRise 2500, faster than ever before, with a more powerful CPU.

The new SunRise 2500 is designed to bring power and performance to your scanning needs. The new system has:

  • The fastest computing engine - 3.0 GHz or greater
  • The fastest hard disk drive - 15,000 RPM
  • A faster scanning speed than the S2000+
  • The largest optical media recorder - dual layer DVD
  • Front panel USB ports

Building upon our long history of developing the highest performing microfilm digitizing systems, the SunRise 2500 has the flexibility to deliver superior image quality for more film formats and film challenges than any other single scanner. The S2500 has a Modular 3-in-1 design that handles multi-film formats. Its user-friendly wizard guides operations effortlessly through film setup. The S2500 captures data at true resolution without software interpolation and scans at both high and low resolutions. It will deliver multiple indexing capabilities and has a streamline design for increased reliability. To top it all off SunRise has unsurpassed worldwide support.

With all this speed, flexibility and quality, the SunRise 2500 delivers the highest return on your investment. The choice is as clear as a new SunRise!

SunRise 2500 Complete System

  • High-speed Microfilm Conversion
  • Multi-film formats for Roll Film, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards
  • Superior image quality
  • Point and Click User-friendly interface
  • User programmable Gamma Correction
  • Grayscale 8-Bit output - 12-Bit camera input
  • Namer - indexes files automatically using blips
  • Batch scan / Manual scan
  • Camera Resolution selectable (match DPI need)
  • Inch / Millimeter
  • Ultra Fiche as standard
  • Image Sub-Windows
  • Scan directly to file server

Download Spec Sheet