Canon 550DII

For years, the worldís leading financial institutions have relied on Canon microfilm technology to provide a reliable and highly secure audit trail for checks and daily work. Designed to meet the demanding needs of todayís banking industry, the compact Rotary Filmer 550 DII turns high-speed recording into a simple task.

Convenient Operation

All controls and indicators are located on one simple control panel. Speed and Economy Up to 14,000 bank checks can be stored on a single roll of microfilm and, with duplex recording, both sides are captured simultaneously. Faster Retrieval With automatic date recording at the touch of a button.

High Performance

The RF 550 DII is designed for high-performance applications, but is remarkably easy to use. It features Canonís advanced electronics engineering and renowned optical technology, as well as a highly reliable mechanism in a compact, desktop design. The RF 550 DII - the new standard for high-security, high-speed check processing.

Simple and Fast

The RF 550 DIIís built-in autofeeder accommodates up to 200 checks for convenient filming. Just place the documents in the autofeeder and the unit automatically feeds, films and endorses them at the rate of 500 checks per minute. The RF 550 DII also features a "Count-only" mode, allowing you to use the unit just for counting with the filming function turned off. For convenience, all buttons and indicators are located on one control panel. And film can be easily loaded and removed from the front of the unit.


The RF 550 DII reduces originals at a ratio as high as 42:1 in the duplex mode which simultaneously records both sides of a document. It also exposes images equivalent to 14,000 bank checks on 16mm - 100 ft. (30.5m) film.

Quick Indexing

A built-in, six-digit odometer counts every five inches of film advance and displays the film count on the unitís control panel. Also, a three-mode, six-digit auto-calendar gives you instant indexing for future reference. Just press the DATE button before feeding each document batch, and the date, along with a blip mark, are exposed to give you convenient retrieval at a later date.

Quality Images

Optimum feeding capabilities, precision optics and other exposure controls assure that the RF 550 DII captures every part of a check or other item being recorded. And, desired reproductions are always of the highest quality.

Quiet and Reliable

The RF 550 DII is engineered for noise-free operation and measures a mere 19" x 25", so its presence is hardly noticeable. And keeping the unit well-maintained and clean is a simple operation, thanks to easy-to-reach optical parts and a built-in microcomputer which displays self-diagnosis codes when necessary to ensure trouble-free, reliable operation.

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