Kodak i7300 Scanner

A Reference Archive provides trustworthy copies of records to validate transactions, satisfy litigation, or meet regulatory and audit requirements. These documents are maintained in an analog format on ISO-standard micrographic media via digital-to-film writing technology such as the KODAK i9600 Series Writers or paper microfilmers.

Today, microfilm continues to be a low-cost, low-risk method of managing documents and information, and is the media of choice for secure, "reference archive" storage. With the KODAK i7300 Scanner you can bridge microfilm’s proven stability with the efficiency of digital technology. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.


The KODAK i7300 Scanner virtually eliminates the inefficient aspects of traditional microfilm retrieval-including slow, tedious viewing or limited output and delivery options. It can reduce ongoing costs associated with older printers and readers-from maintenance to high-priced consumables. With the i7300 Scanner, your images are retrieved fast, displayed digitally for identification, then printed, faxed, and/or sent as e-mail. You’ll have exceptionally high-quality images that are deskewed, cropped, merged (duplexed), and displayed in seconds. The i7300 Scanner does it all with twice the scanning speed and even more work-saving functionality than its predecessor, the KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Intelligent Microimage Scanner.

Choose software that meets your needs.

KODAK i7300 Scanner Application Software

This interface goes beyond other 16mm film scanning products, delivering speed and efficiency with features made for today’s technology. It offers complete connectivity with CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems, integration with both local and wide area networks, and consistently fast and accurate digital image retrieval.

KODAK Image Server Software

By letting you create your own retrieval network for centralized printing and network distribution, Image Server Software can maximize your productivity while minimizing costs. With it, you can serve as many as four MICROSOFT WINDOWS-supported printers (scalable to eight). It helps you manage input, printing and network distribution from KODAK i7300 Scanners, IMAGELINK Digital Workstations (IDW) and Intelligent Microimage Scanners (IMS).

POWERFILM Application Software

A smart choice when an i7300 Scanner is used for applications that require high productivity batch scanning of images from microfilm. In addition to batch scanning, POWERFILM Application Software is also designed for batch indexing, document reconstruction, roll conversion, and CD creation using POWERFILM’s CD Publish/Retrieve software.


Traditional microfilm readers displayed small negative appearing images. KODAK i7300 Scanner Application Software displays high-quality positive-appearing images (bitonal to full grayscale). That makes viewing more comfortable and productive.

  • Real time image control. Operators can adjust image contrast and brightness during scanning, saving time and avoiding costly re-scans.
  • Review images easily. For reviewing documents, indexing, QC, or just browsing, this feature scans and presents each document for a user-defined period of time. Batch Scan mode will scan, save and/or print specified documents within a specified image address range.
  • Zoom in on important details. With the click of a mouse, operators can zoom in on any part of a document-even as it’s moving-to make finding key information more efficient than ever.
  • Add highlights or notes for enhanced productivity. Images can be easily annotated to call out key information. Note can be included to improve end-user information. In a production environment, a standard annotation such as date, operator name or department can be added to each image. This improves productivity and customer service. If desired, these tools can be locked out to prevent changes.
  • A choice of output options. Images and documents can be saved to specified directories with unique naming conventions to meet your retrieval application needs. Images can be saved as TIFF, Multi-page TIFF, or JPEG file formats. Various page layout options improve printing output.
  • Easy Application Set-Up. Our versatile Application Set-Up meets every retrieval need. Controls can be viewed or hidden, making operation more pleasant. Image processing controls, as seen here, are easily accessible when needed. Operators can make quick adjustments-for high-quality images that result in less waste and greater productivity.


Accelerate your productivity even more by creating your own retrieval network. KODAK Image Server Software works with our Application Software to integrate KODAK IMAGELINK Digital Workstations, Intelligent Microimage Scanners, and i7300 Scanners. With it, they feed into one central server for a full range of routing options and output.

The software also:

  • Accepts CAR commands*
  • Centralizes printing to non-proprietary printers
  • Supports BIN printing
  • Batch prints from document file folders
  • Enables faxing and e-mail
  • Provides remote image delivery through a Gateway interface to your network
* The application automatically accepts and stores images and annotations that the CAR system has grouped into logical documents or folders.

Image Server Software also maximizes your hardware investment. The software serves as many as four MICROSOFT WINDOWS OS-supported printers (scalable to eight). And because it lets you continue to use your current retrieval devices you can begin implementing newer technology at your own rate.


POWERFILM Application Software combines a user-friendly interface with a wide range of output, indexing, retrieval and distribution tools. It’s specially designed for batch scanning and digitalization of 16 mm image-marked film. Here are just some of the ways it can make you more productive.

  • Output options provide versatile image distribution-including TIFF, multi-page TIFF, CD Publish and optional PDF and KOFAX Ascent output modules.
  • Save options allow efficient job management. Operators can interrupt, suspend, and return to jobs later. Accept or Reject options are also available for scanned batches.
  • Create CDs. With CD Publish you can store scanned images, index databases, and the CD Retrieve Viewer on either a CD or a DVD, for efficient storage and retrieval of items later.
  • Index Utility. Flexible indexing offers as many as 10 fields-text, numeric or date-with up to 32 characters per field. Auto-repeat indexing, such as -current date,- is another efficiency feature that’s included.

Compact, space-saving design: The i7300 Scanner fits easily on your desktop for convenient use with minimal space requirements.

Paper-saving technology: Direct film-to-digital conversion saves paper, time and steps.

Advanced transport: The scanner’s new design eliminates glass guides and minimizes the possibility of film scratches.

Accurate retrieval: Your choice of software includes the tools you need to find the images you want fast-even from unmarked film.

Easy-to-use interface: All tools and procedures are accessible via icons, toolbars, and pull-down menus.

Technology evolution: The i7300 Scanner reduces costs associated with traditional microfilm reader/printers, equipment and space requirements. Once again, microfilm demonstrates that as technology evolves it can be fully integrated to take advantage of cost savings and productivity-enhancing functionality.

Improved imaging: Powerful algorithms deliver consistently high-quality images. This enables your operators to reduce waste, be more productive, and improve customer satisfaction.

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