InoTec Scamax®510

Implementing modern office organization and workflow management requires high tech equipment. Document scanners are subject to strenuous demands. Every day, enormous amounts of paper of different formats, varying content, creased, dirty and/or torn need to be scanned - that's real life. Only leading-edge technology is capable of meeting these challenges. SCAMAX® scanners from InoTec GmbH start where others leave off.

The End of the Paper Shuffle

The SCAMAX® 510, with a scan speed of up to 230 documents (460 images duplex) per minute, is one of the most powerful high-volume scanners available today, offering resolutions of 200, 300 and 400 dpi. Documents of widely varying sizes (from A8 to jumbo A3) and different paper weights (from flimsy to thin cardboard) can be scanned using either the automatic document feeder or as single sheets in hand-feed mode.


The SCAMAX® 510 works with all common operating systems. The scanner is equipped with either a SCSI or video interface. Certified ISIS® and a TWAIN driver ensure trouble-free integration into your workflow or archiving system. These drivers are part of the scanner package, enabling it to work with any standardized scan application.


The SCAMAX® 510 loves to work with people as individuals. It is easily adjusted to the height of each operator with the setting remembered. The contrast of the Touch Screen Communication Panel (TSCP) is adjustable to suit each individual and the entire display menu can be freely defined to suit individual needs. InoTec recognizes that operators seldom conform to statistical averages - they are individuals. Ensuring productivity through comfort is the aim of designing ergonomics into the scanner.

Perfect Image Quality

The SCAMAX® 510 is equipped with an automatic contrast adjustment that greatly optimizes the quality of your images. A single setting allows scanning of different documents ensuring the best image quality possible is obtained each time.

Intelligent Communication Thanks to TSCP

The scanner operator must be able to simply instruct the scanner what to do. The scanner operator also has right to receive complete information from the scanner. Simple and logical operator guidance, understandable error messages and help menus are prerequisites for a successful team: 'operator - scanner.' The Touch Screen Communication Panel is the definitive answer to these requirements. Explicit pictograms, full text help menus and full text error messages make the scanner’s operation child’s play.

Double Feed - Stop

SCAMAX® scanners have a piezoceramic ultrasound sensor as standard equipment. The sensor detects double feeds and stops the scan process immediately. Its most important feature is that it works reliably with any paper thickness - even when intermixed. This ensures that mixed document batches can be processed in auto feed mode with utmost confidence.

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