InoTec Scamax 4x Series of Scanners

The Scamax 4x Series of scanners represents the next generation color production scanner from InoTec. The totally new camera system, combined with all new electronics, sets a new benchmark for color document scanners. Innovative communications, paper handling and ergonomic solutions afford every user significant advantages when scanning in 24-bit true color. Scanned images are available in color, grayscale and bitonal (black & white). It is possible to save all three image formats from each scan. The user can choose between Video and SCSI-3-UW interfaces.

Color Magic

Scanning in 24-bit true color offers many advantages. It is possible to digitally manage color to precisely remove background color lines, etc. to meet specific application requirements. Color scanning recognizes even minute contrast difference, thus eliminating tedious pre-sorting of documents without compromising image quality and virtually eliminates re-scans. Colored image information such as passport photos are scanned and stored in print quality.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable Through PSC (PaperSurfaceControl)

The Scamax 4x series of scanners are of the fastest and most versatile color document scanners available in the market place. With optical resolutions of 200, 300 and400 dpi, documents from the smallest chit to jumbo A3 size can be scanned either using automatic document feed or hand feed. Paper thickness from onion skin paper to almost cardboard thickness (manila folder) are no problem for this scanner. The revolutionary PaperSurfaceControl offers the user increased paper feeding versatility. Paper surfaces have widely varying friction coefficients depending on weight, texture and base materials used. The feeder system of the Scamax 4x series, as far as technically possible, automatically compensates for these differences. PSC offers the user additional control and adjusts to properly handle the scanning of difficult paper scenarios.

(Touch Screen Communication Panel)

The scanner operator should be able to simply instruct the machine what it should do. The operator also has an expectation to receive complete, and understandable, information from the scanner. Simple and logical operator guidance, understandable error messages and help menus are prerequisites for a successful team 'operator-scanner.' The Touch Screen Communication Panel is the Scamax 4x series' definitive answer to these requirements. Explicit pictograms, full text help menus and full text error messages make child's play of the scanner's operation. All without the extra use of a Mouse!


The Scamax 4x series is available as a Video or SCSI scanner. The good news is that even the SCSI scanner is a true high-speed color scanner. InoTec designed the Scamax 4x series to eliminate the performance deterioration experienced in traditional SCSI color scanners.


To achieve high throughput rates it is absolutely necessary to keep operator fatigue to a minimum. The same criteria apply in ensuring the operator's ongoing health. The Scamax 4x series is extremely quiet. Document input and output trays are easily accessible to the operator. As the output stack increases in height, the freely adjustable paper output tray lowers itself automatically. Scanned documents arrive in the output hopper in the same sequence as they were placed in the input hopper. Thanks to TSCP, the communication 'operator - scanner' is completely stress free. The Scamax 4x series provides a very comfortable workplace.


The Scamax 4x series document scanners have a piezoceramic ultrasound sensor fitted as standard equipment. The sensor detects double feeds and stops the scan process immediately. The sensor is positioned in the initial feed path. The most important feature is that the sensor works reliably with any paper thickness - even when intermixed. This ensures that mixed document batches can be processed in auto feed mode with the utmost of confidence.

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