Canon Microfilm Scanner 800

Quality right down to the smallest detail.

With up to 600-dpi resolution, the MS-800 sets new standards for image quality. Such high resolution offers a wide range of enhanced printing and distribution capabilities, including laser printing and electronic image transmission. Ideal for financial institutions, the MS-800 brings greater efficiency to item processing. And it’s an expert at meeting the demands of engineering applications which require large-format printing. The MS-800 further refines image quality with multiple scanning modes (Fine, Photo, Grayscale), plus Background Erasure and Automatic Exposure. The result is enhanced image data for a variety of applications. Compatibility with virtually any film format. Interchangeable film carriers enable the MS-800 to handle all types of microfilm applications. Compatible with 16mm/35mm open reels, 16mm cartridges, microfiche, and aperture cards, the MS-800 provides totally seamless support for every format.

Productivity soars for even the busiest workgroups.

Overall performance gets a boost from the high-speed MS-800. Requiring only about three seconds per image to scan letter-sized documents at standard dpi settings, the MS-800 excels at high-volume processing and media conversion. Even its built-in features accelerate performance- Automatic Size Detection, Automatic Negative/Positive Detection, and Automatic Skew Correction-all designed to make short work out of complex jobs. For high volume batch processing, the MS-800 shifts into high gear. When paired with Canon’s FS Controller III, the MS-800 delivers super-fast, automated image retrieval.

Connectivity that simplifies every scanning function.

Included with the MS-800 is Canon’s Scanning Utility 800, a robust driver compatible with Windows® 95/98 and Windows NT® 4.0. Offering four file formats-TIFF, BMP, JPEG, and JBIG-it gives users an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for controlling scanner settings. With the Scanning Utility 800, you can turn your PC into a scanning control center-to imprint information on image data, or send scanned images directly to an on-line laser printer, without storing the images first. You’ll even be able to send images electronically via fax, E-mail, the Internet, or intranet.

Versatility means more opportunities to enhance the way your business works.

Designed to work with the systems you have in place now, the MS-800 is also engineered to expand with any future configurations. Combined with the optional Canon Fileprint 450 laser printer, the MS-800 becomes a complete Digital Microprinter System, producing laser-quality prints- up to ledger size-without requiring a PC connection. Set in the special Overlay Mode, the MS-800 will scan both sides of items, such as checks, then automatically reposition the images into a single, portrait-oriented data file.

Convenience is having easy-to-use controls right at hand...

Complementing the easy-to-read, ledger-sized screen is a user-friendly control panel with many time-saving, one-touch features, including Autofocus, Memory Zoom and Image Rotation. Plus, Border Erasure makes clean printouts from negative film and an optional Framing Kit allows you to designate a portion of a document for scanning. There are also six one-touch Function Keys for storing frequently used control panel settings.

...or right at your workstation.

The MS-800 even has an optional Remote Keyboard, providing quick access to all primary controls on an independent keypad. Great for busy operators, it’s an easy way to maximize throughput ergonomically. It also provides the convenience necessary for operators with disabilities.

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