Canon Microfilm Scanner 350

Connecting with important resources

Through the standard PC-interface, the MS-350 enables you to retrieve images and convert film archives into digital files for printing, E-mailing, faxing, or storage-easily and efficiently. The MS-350 gives you the ability to convert information stored on microfilm and transfer it in seconds. That means you can integrate archived documents anywhere in your enterprise.

The Canon MS-350 scans at speeds of up to 5.5 seconds per frame so you can quickly upload microfilm images on demand.

Efficiency from the desktop

The MS-350 comes with Canon’s CapturePerfect software as a standard feature. CapturePerfect provides you with the ability to scan microfilm for use in a variety of ways, including print, E-mail, and document storage-at a variety of resolutions up to 600 dpi. In addition, it enables you to employ text enhancements, image quality adjustments, and page-size detection.

When operating in the unique Reader-Printer Mode, the MS-350 lets you print to a local or network printer by simply pressing the PRINT key. Reader-Printer Mode offers the same ease-of-operation as a traditional Reader-Printer. You can even attach pages to an image file saved in CapturePerfect as TIFF, PDF, BMP, and JPEG files. What’s more, the user-friendly on-screen Scan Panel puts automatic features and custom settings at your fingertips. Additionally, standard ISIS® and TWAIN drivers ensure compatibility with many popular software applications.

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