Canon MP-90 Microprinter

All the benefits of Canonís patented Imaging Cartridge Technology are built into our micrographics products too!


At the heart of the MP-90 is Canonís exclusive MP Cartridge 20, an all-in-one system containing toner, drum, cleaner and charger. The MP Cartridge indicates when itís time to need replacement, so no guesswork is required to keep the unit in top operating order. And with a fresh cartridge in place, the unit is again ready to deliver top-quality prints. Thatís virtually all the maintenance required.


With a wide range of available film/fiche carriers, the universal MP-90 can be configured to handle all standard microforms for quick reading and printing. Equipped with the versatile Roll/Fiche Carrier 200, the MP-90 even handles multiple formats without changing carriers, for the ultimate in user convenience and simplicity. The unit accepts both 16 and 35mm roll films, as well as 16mm cartridges, aperture cards and microfiche/jackets. Access to desired images on roll film is easy, thanks to the systemís precision motor-driven control. And automatic self-threading carriers significantly simplify film loading. Whatís more, an FS Controller 1 provides automated 10-key frame retrieval to enhance image search on 16mm blipped microfilm.


All printing controls of the ergonomically designed MP-90 are centrally located on a panel under the systemís viewing screen. A variety of convenient print functions enhance productivity. The unitís 90-degree Image Rotation Printing function allows convenient printing of COM landscape or Document full-frame images. A manually controlled density dial is available. Thereís also an optional Automatic Exposure Control feature which assures the highest contrast images from originals of varying density. And an optional Print Masking function eliminates dark borders and other unwanted image areas for clean, crisp printouts. This convenience feature saves on toner consumption, too. A special power saving ďReader-onlyĒ mode is available on the control panel.


The MP-90 warms up in just 26 seconds to deliver 10 top quality letter-size printouts per minute in its front paper tray. As many as 19 copies can be pre-set for multiple printing. And a front loading 250- sheet, snap-in cassette enhances paper handling.


The MP-90ís perfectly positioned and specially coated 11" X 11" screen allows comfortable, convenient viewing. Four high resolution Canon zoom lenses covering 9.5x to 55x provide convenience and economy for users requiring frequent change of magnification. A prism is built in the unit to provide effortless screen image rotation for upright reading.


The MP-90 features a standard bimodal capability, making it particularly beneficial for micro-publishing requirements. Users simply exchange the type of MP cartridge and the unit is ready to make normal prints from either negative or positive images. For decades, Canon has earned renown in the worldwide micrographics market for providing efficient and highly reliable reader-printers that meet the most demanding requirements. Canonís patented Single Cartridge System contains most everything that can run out or wear out Ė toner, drum and development unit Ė in one easily replaceable cartridge, for virtually maintenance-free performance. The Microprinter 90 is a compact and versatile reader-printer thatís made even more outstanding with its many automated and intelligent functions. It accepts most microforms and clearly displays original document images on its easily-readable screen, or produces crisp, plain paper reproduction in seconds. The MP-90 is the efficient solution for users who require daily reproduction of microfilmed business data.

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