Canon Microfilm Scanner 350

With universal acceptance of microfilm and microfiche, viewing, scanning and printing of images has never been easier. The Canon MS-350 Digital Microfilm Scanner provides just the solution you need for converting microfilm images for use in print, E-mail, and document storage applications.

Built to deliver premium scanning performance at high speeds, the MS-350 provides a resolution to meet any need. The superior image quality of the MS-350 Digital Microfilm Scanner gives you an opportunity to select the resolution that is right for any job-from grayscale up to 600 dpi, to binary black and white up to 300 dpi and 600 dpi.

Connecting with important resources

Through the standard PC-interface, the MS-350 enables you to retrieve images and convert film archives into digital files for printing, E-mailing, faxing, or storage-easily and efficiently. The MS-350 gives you the ability to convert information stored on microfilm and transfer it in seconds. That means you can integrate archived documents anywhere in your enterprise.

The Canon MS-350 scans at speeds of up to 5.5 seconds per frame so you can quickly upload microfilm images on demand.

Efficiency from the desktop

The MS-350 comes with Canonís CapturePerfect software as a standard feature. CapturePerfect provides you with the ability to scan microfilm for use in a variety of ways, including print, E-mail, and document storage-at a variety of resolutions up to 600 dpi. In addition, it enables you to employ text enhancements, image quality adjustments, and page-size detection.

When operating in the unique Reader-Printer Mode, the MS-350 lets you print to a local or network printer by simply pressing the PRINT key. Reader-Printer Mode offers the same ease-of-operation as a traditional Reader-Printer. You can even attach pages to an image file saved in CapturePerfect as TIFF, PDF, BMP, and JPEG files. Whatís more, the user-friendly on-screen Scan Panel puts automatic features and custom settings at your fingertips. Additionally, standard ISISģ and TWAIN drivers ensure compatibility with many popular software applications.

Optional Canon Printers deliver performance

For scan-to-print applications, the MS-350 can be configured to connect directly to a Canon Fileprint laser printer without the need of a PC connection. With the MS-350ís optional Digital Micro Printer (DMP) Board installed, you can easily connect a choice of two compact printers employing Canonís leading-edge laser printing technology. Whether your needs call for the versatile, high-capacity Fileprint 450, or the economical Fileprint 250, you can be assured of high-quality output. And with 600-dpi resolution, you can faithfully reproduce a wide range of micro-images, including those hardest to read.

The Canon Fileprint 450 produces 600-dpi output at 10 pages per minute and delivers high-quality laser printouts from letter- to ledger-sized. Users can also automatically enlarge 8-1/2" x 11" screen images to fit 11" x 17"-sized paper for large-format documents. A universal 250-page paper cassette is standard, and an optional, large-capacity 500-page paper cassette can be added for high-volume printing or when the application calls for user-selection of different paper sizes. For optimum efficiency with the MS-350, thereís Canonís economical Fileprint 250 laser printer for letter-sized printing-a real space saver, its reliable output will enhance your workflow.

Get control of the most demanding tasks

Having instant access to large archives begins with the Canon MS-350 Digital Microfilm Scanner. In converter mode, itís easy to synchronize film scanning with image processing and even automatic indexing. Configured with Canonís optional Fast Search Controllers, the MS-350 provides high-speed access to stored images with automatic film-loading, automated search and retrieval, and even advanced printer functions.

Select the file format thatís right for you

The Canon MS-350 Digital Microfilm Scanner enables you to save your output in the most popular formats-TIFF, BMP, PDF, and JPEG. In addition, the MS-350ís interchangeable film carriers handle 16/35mm roll film, ANSI/3M cartridges, microfiche jackets, and aperture cards.

Taking the mystery out of microfilm

Traditionally, when microfilm or fiche is used as a public reference resource, staff members need to constantly assist novice users. The solution image.SCAN software. It offers step-by-step tutorial videos in English, French, or Spanish through an easy-to-use touch-screen interface. The highly informative video tutorials and kiosk-type interface guide users through everything from film-loading to image clean-up, saving images, or E-mailing them. Now, even walk-up users can conveniently access microfilm or microfiche, by themselves, in record time!

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