Canon Microfilm Scanner 300

History is on your side

Announcing the latest from Canonís flagship line of digital Microfilm Scanners - the MS-300. Like its renowned siblingsóthe MS-400, MS-500, and MS-800, the Canon MS-300 optimizes scanning performance. Delivering high speeds and superior resolution, the MS-300 promises capabilities beyond expectations, not budgets, and offers reliability exclusive to the industry leader. Think of Canonís MS-300 as the on-ramp to on-line microfilm. All aboard!

Easy connections mean timely arrivals at any destination

The MS-300 scans as fast as 5.5 seconds per frame, easily integrating microfilm images with todayís document management systems. Thanks to standard PC and network printer connectivity, the MS-300 simplifies image retrieval and provides digital conversion of film archives, on demand. Once scanned, images are ready for delivery via the Internet, E-mail, or fax-ideal for financial institutions and walk-up use in libraries, or as a component of a high end imaging system.

Just how far can you reach when sitting at a PC?

The MS-300 comes with Canonís powerful CapturePerfect software for convenient Scan-to-E-mail capability, PDF file-saving, text enhancements, image quality adjustments, and more, right from your desktop. TWAIN and ISISģ drivers get things up and running quickly. And the user-friendly Scan Panel provides easy access to a wide range of automatic features and user-preference settings. The MS-300 also functions as a Reader-Printer, thanks to PC-independent application software. Now you can create digital files for outputting to a network printer or for storage, electronically. Canonís MS-300 gives you just what you want, not more than you need-perfect for upgrading an analog reader-printer or adding microfilm imaging to an existing digital information system.

Ask less of the user and get more productivity in response

Optional image.SCAN software offers even more user friendly control, with step-by-step tutorial videos and an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface. One-touch image correction plus many time-saving functions-both automatic and on-the-fly-get even walk-up patrons up to speed quickly. Best of all, each workstation can be custom configured for individual needs, making your microfilm collection an invaluable on-line resource. How to exploit the media

Among its many talents, the MS-300 converts microfilm to other media, synchronizing film scanning with image processing and automatic indexing. Better yet, used with an optional FS Controller, it gives you fast access to large volumes of information, automatic search and retrieval, and advanced printing features. Could you be any more productive?

File-format friendly

Various output resolutions are useful for saving images as TIFF, BMP, PDF, or JPEG files. Several interchangeable film carriers provide easy handling of 16/35mm roll film, ANSI/3M cartridges, fiche jackets, and aperture cards. With the MS-300, image quality refers to digital output with high resolution, up to 600 dpi. And four different scan modes include black and white, error diffusion, text enhanced, and 8-bit grayscale with 256 levels of gray.

Optional Canon printers deliver performance

For scan-to-print applications, the MS-300 can be configured to connect directly to a Canon Fileprint laser printer without the need of a PC connection. With the MS-300ís optional Digital Micro Printer (DMP) Board installed, you can easily connect a choice of two compact printers employing Canonís leading-edge laser printing technology. Whether your needs call for the versatile, high capacity Fileprint 450, or the economical Fileprint 250, you can be assured of high-quality output. And with 600-dpi resolution, you can faithfully reproduce a wide range of micro images, including those hardest to read.

The Canon Fileprint 450 produces 600-dpi output at 10 pages per minute and delivers high-quality laser printouts from letter- to ledger-sized. Users can also automatically enlarge 8-1/2" x 11" screen images to fit 11" x 17"-sized paper for large-format documents. A universal 250-page paper cassette is standard, and an optional, large-capacity 500-page paper cassette can be added for high-volume printing or when the application calls for user-selection of different paper sizes. For optimum efficiency with the MS-300, thereís Canonís economical Fileprint 250 laser printer for letter-sized printing-a real space-saver, its reliable output will enhance your workflow.

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