Canon DR-9080C

Dedicated performance rated G for general audiences.

Suddenly, high-performance production scanning is available to a wider audience. The Canon DR-9080C is perfect in the role of conventional high-speed, high-accuracy scanner, but with one big difference-affordability, the one feature that creates mass audience appeal. The DR-9080C redefines price and performance, bringing high-speed, color, production level scanning within reach of more budgets than ever before. Offering superb image quality, easy handling, and optimized throughput, itís ideal for dedicated scanning applications. Not to mention an unprecedented value to satisfy demand.

Maximum throughput.

Zero to "job done" in record time with high-speed black-and-white or grayscale scanning. However, rated speed isnít the only measure of performance, although at 90 pages per minute (black and white or grayscale) and 50 pages per minute (24-bit color) duplex scanning, the DR-9080C is powerful enough to handle large, decentralized processing jobs. When scanning letter-sized documents in landscape mode, it achieves duplex speeds of up to 220 images per minute (ipm). Canonís DR-9080C can even generate multiple images simultaneously, in many combinations, from a single scan. Performance is also defined by flexibility, as in output options: color, black and white, grayscale, binary, or R/G/B color dropout provided by Canonís unique MultiStream system. And simple connectivity is ensured with the included USB 2.0 and SCSI-III dual interface for high-speed connectivity with industry-standard ISISģ and TWAIN drivers.

Extreme image quality.

Spectacular image quality, inherent in the DR-9080C is demonstrated by the accuracy of its output. Canonís unique Contact Image Sensors, with dual light source, ensure that you capture every detail. The 600-dpi optical resolution and 256 levels of grayscale or black-and-white produce the superior clarity and detail required to accurately capture the widest possible range of documents. It isnít what you feed it, but how. Optimum throughput is now possible, thanks to Canonís precision 500-sheet Automatic Document Feeder. Simply load the tray with a batch of mixed documents, and the DR-9080C will do the rest, automatically, for continuous scanning of even complex jobs.

Do less. Become more productive.

The Automatic Document Feeder minimizes operator intervention, self-adjusting automatically to each document size in a mixed batch. No nudging, repositioning, or straightening needed. A multitasking expert, the DR-9080C can perform both hardware and software deskewing, along with on-board JPEG compression. Another unique feature is automatic recognition of text orientation to correctly rotate scanned images.

Sensitivity training, redefined.

The DR-9080C features Canonís patented on-board Staple Detector that will halt the scanner automatically whenever it detects an unremoved staple that could damage critical documents. Even worse, if undetected, it could result in the loss of valuable information. The DR-9080C also features Canonís unique Ultrasonic Multifeed Detector designed to detect and prevent double feeds and overlaps, interrupting operation to send an instant Error Alert message to the operator for immediate correction.

A bundle of versatility.

Canonís DR-9080C comes with industry-standard interfaces and drivers, plus Canonís CapturePerfect 2.0 scanning software. It offers an easy-to-use interface, powerful scanning tools, and a choice of output formats such as PDF and scan-to-E-mail. Available options include an Imprinter, Endorser, and Bar Code Software Module, which provide full support for document tracking and indexing.

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