Canon 7580C

You shouldn't have to pay a high price for the latest technology in high-speed document scanning. The DR-7580 introduces a new outlook on affordable, production-level scanning.

A unique feeding system and advanced sensor technology ensure that a wide range of mixed-paper-size batches or other challenging scan operations are handled with minimal operator intervention at maximum scanning speed-up to 75 pages per minute in simplex or 150 images per minute in duplex. Its ability to recognize and rotate text orientation, correct skewed images, enhance faint text, and adjust gamma settings allow the DR-7580 device to efficiently and accurately capture valuable information included on contracts and forms.

Pre-sorting, job-preparation, and the need to rescan become a thing of the past when using the DR-7580 scanner. Whether scanning vouchers or paper sizes up to 11" x 17", the DR-7580 device will self-adjust automatically to each document size or thickness in a mixed batch. With Canon's exclusive, patented on-board Staple Detection feature, the DR-7580 device detects stapled documents and automatically stops the scanning process.

Because production-level scanning requires durability, the DR-7580 is a rugged yet compact scanner that's ready to handle almost any large processing job thrown its way. Industry-standard ISISŪ and TWAIN drivers, as well as SCSI-III and USB 2.0 dual interfaces, ensure streamlined integration and easy installation. Bundled with CapturePerfect 3.0, a powerful image capture application, the DR-7580 is ready to use out of the box.

The DR-7580 has been tested for compatibility with many of the industry's leading electronic document management solution providers.

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