Canon DR-6080

Dedicated performance challenges conventional thinking.

With production scanners, volume determines features and capabilities, which determine price. But when Canon decided to expand production scanning to a wider business audience, conventional wisdom about price and performance flew out the door. In its place was Canonís DR-6080, a high-speed production scanner that integrates Canonís innovative technologies and advanced features with something never possible before true affordability. The DR-6080 represents a new era for dedicated document imaging, where features are driven by user needs for cost-efficiency and versatility, rather than just volume. At Canon, weíve learned that raising the standard often means lowering the barriers.

High performance comes at a price.

Except when talking about the Canon DR-6080 Production Scanner. Finally, production scanning and true affordability can peacefully co-exist without sacrificing image quality or capabilities. The DR-6080 offers fast scanning rates of up to 60 pages per minute (black and white or grayscale) simplex. When scanning letter-sized documents in landscape mode, it achieves duplex speeds of up to 140 images per minute (ipm), making the DR-6080 ideal for handling large, decentralized processing jobs right out of the box. Multi-platform compatibility is ensured with the included USB 2.0 and SCSI-III dual interface for high-speed connectivity with industry-standard ISISģ and TWAIN drivers. Flexible output options provided by Canonís unique Multi Stream system allow you to process multiple images simultaneously, with no significant reduction in speed.

Some things never change, thankfully.

Canonís trademark image quality stands alone. Count on the DR-6080 for consistent image quality, day after day, for any application, from OCR and forms processing to saving documents as PDF files. Enhanced with an optical resolution of 600 dpi, the DR-6080 captures scanned images with remarkable clarity and detail using Canonís unique Contact Image Sensors, which maintain optimum throughput at rated speeds. With automatic smoothing and shading features, image quality is fine tuned even more.

Responsive handling, active and passive.

The key to enhanced throughput is Canonís 500-sheet Automatic Document Feeder. It frees you from such labor intensive duties as presorting, job preparation, and rescanning. Simply load a batch of mixed documents into the tray, and hit scan. The DR-6080 performs many functions automatically, for hands-off continuous scanning. Another unique feature is automatic recognition of text orientation to correctly rotate scanned images.

Great throughput, kicked up a notch.

Once again, credit goes to the rugged Automatic Document Feeder for extreme flexibility. Designed to handle virtually any kind of document from onion skin to card stock, as large as 11" x 17", it self-adjusts automatically to each document size or thickness in a mixed batch. No nudging, repositioning, or straightening required and only minimum operator intervention. On-board JPEG compression, plus hardware and software deskewing capabilities, further enhance your output options.

A sixth sense warns of trouble ahead.

A forgotten staple shouldnít derail an entire system, but it will if undetected. Thatís where Canonís patented Staple Detection System comes in. Upon detection, the system will automatically halt the feeding process before the errant staple can damage your documents. Canonís Ultrasonic Multifeed Detector monitors documents for double-feeds and overlaps. When one is detected, it immediately suspends operation and sends out an Error Alert, thus ensuring that a little problem wonít become a giant headache.

Have your druthers, and others.

Canonís DR-6080 comes bundled with industry standard interfaces and drivers, as well as Canonís CapturePerfect 2.0 scanning software with an easy-to-use interface, powerful scanning tools, and a choice of output formats, such as PDF and scan-to-E-mail, for use with popular imaging systems. Available options include an Imprinter, Endorser, and Bar Code Software Module that provide full support for document tracking and indexing.

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