Canon 5020

The DR-5020 is an extremely versatile document scanner delivering high-performance and outstanding value.

Reliable high-speed scanning

Documents ranging in size from business cards and checks through to 11" x 17" can be scanned reliably and intermixed at high speed. With speeds of up to 53 pages per minute for letter-sized documents, the DR-5020 will make short work of time sensitive processing.

High-capacity feeding

A standard, large-capacity document feeder is capable of holding up to 500 letter-sized documents. A variety of documents can be scanned over a wide range of sizes and paper thicknesses, since adjustment for both is completely automatic. A unique Dynamic Skew Correction feature straightens skewed documents automatically during feeding, so even stacks of mixed paper sizes can be processed quickly and accurately.

User-friendly design

Operation is simple, whether controlled by application software or the touch of a button. All scanner settings, such as density adjustment and normal scanning functions, can be controlled by either the convenient operation panel or via driver interface. Furthermore, documents are fed and received at the front of the unit, making it ideal for desktop applications. Connectivity couldnít be simpler with a choice of three bundled drivers-ISIS,ģ TWAIN, or Canonís own driver.

Special document-handling

When scanning large quantities of small documents such as checks, a special receiving tray is included with the DR-5020. It ensures that scanned originals are neatly stacked and received in order. A handy 'count-only' mode is also available for verification or if a simple document count is required. Four user programmable function keys store custom scanner setups for fast batch-processing of diverse work.


The DR-5020 comes bundled with Canonís CapturePerfect scanning software. CapturePerfect features an easy-to-use scanning interface that supports all the features of the DR-5020. CapturePerfect also offers a choice of output formats including advanced capabilities such as Scan-to-mail and Scan-to-PDF. You can even automatically create searchable PDF files based on OCR for simple storage and retrieval.

Optional enhancements

The imprinter option prints specified numerals, characters, and symbols at any position on scanned documents. The optional Endorser ED-600 allows you to print an eight-digit number and/or any characters on the document. A must for meeting Federal Reserve Regulation CC: or if a 'scanned' verification stamp is required. For bar-coded documents, a hardware bar-code decoder can be added at any time for automatic interpretation.

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