Canon 3080CII

An Incredible Performance Enhancer. Now Available in a Super-concentrated Formula

The unique ability to outperform everything in its class has made Canonís DR-3000 Series Document Scanners an unprecedented success. Building on this same innovative technology, Canon, as a leading imaging systems solution provider, now brings a new standard of price/performance to the departmental level with the Canon DR-3080CII-a high-speed, high-performance, desktop Duplex Scanner. Never before have so much advanced functionality, enhanced productivity, and superior reliability been offered in such a compact package. Hardly surprising, though, considering the DR-3080CIIís heritage.

If you want your department to be more productive, give it the scanner that is

Chances are, your department is already working harder, if not necessarily smarter. With workloads expanding and turnaround times shrinking, no wonder your need for improved productivity is greater than ever before. Even if your budget isnít. Fortunately, thereís Canonís DR-3080CII high-speed Duplex Scanner. While it costs about the same as ordinary departmental scanners, it performs much like those used in central reprographics. The DR-3080CII not only provides color and grayscale scanning, high image quality, enhanced throughput, and simple operation, it reduces downtime and lowers operating costs. All of which adds up to production-level performance at a departmental- level price.

Compact and light, but itís no lightweight in advanced capabilities.

For starters, the Canon DR-3080CII is fast, as fast as 86 images per minute. It offers a wide choice of scanning modes-24-bit color, 256 levels of grayscale, black and white, dual (color/ grayscale) duplex mode, even special enhanced text mode and photo mode. Equipped with dual sensors, the DR-3080CII provides fast, efficient, one-pass/two-sided scanning for robust document management and flexible paper-handling. Connectivity is easy, too. And with only minimal training, virtually anyone can learn to operate the scanner, in practically no time. Now, with everyone working so efficiently, can better productivity be far behind?

Itís one type of scanner now. Quite another just minutes later. But always exactly what you need.

Gone are the days when departments had to choose between scanning color and high performance. The Canon DR-3080CII is a high-speed solution that can handle even the most complex reports and presentations, quickly and easily, with high-quality 24-bit color and dramatic 8-bit grayscale for superior halftones and photographs. For added versatility, dual-mode (color/ grayscale) duplex scanning will produce color on the front side of a document and grayscale on the back. Just a click on the convenient, on-screen scan panel lets you quickly switch between simplex and duplex modes. Itís enough to make high-productivity contagious throughout the entire department.

A master of automated convenience.

Efficient paper-handling begins with the 100-sheet Automatic Document Feeder. Ideal for continuous batch scanning of mixed documents-business card to legal size-the Canon DR-3080CII automatically adjusts for varying document sizes and thicknesses so you wonít waste valuable time presorting, rescanning, or clearing frequent paper jams. Throughput is further enhanced, especially in forms-processing, with built-in Skew Correction, which automatically straightens misaligned documents. And Color Dropout, so you can specify one color for omission during scanning. Best of all, though, is peace of mind that also comes automatically, thanks to the reliable performance youíve come to expect from Canon.

These days, you have plenty of technology. What you need is a little help.

Advanced technology was supposed to simplify the way people work. So why does it keep getting harder to do your job? Canon understands this problem, and designs all its products around one basic premise: technology is only innovative if itís easy to use. Like the Canon DR-3080CII-so simple to operate, it could expand the job skills of an entire department, literally overnight.

Itís no surprise that people can be more productive with a high-performance scanner. Itís that, with the DR-3080CII, so many actually will.

Canonís DR-3080CII simplifies virtually every aspect of the image capture process, ensuring as much hands-off control as possible. Now everything that needs to get done, gets done, only with fewer adjustments and minimum human intervention.

PRE-SCAN Optimizes image quality

Now you can adjust brightness and contrast for a batch of documents dynamically, while previewing the updated image of the first page. No need to interface with software applications or rescan the entire batch-everything will be scanned exactly as your adjusted first page, then automatically sent to the application program.

USER-PREFERENCE Quick-start scanning

Pre-programming up to 20 different scanner settings, for a variety of conditions, allows virtually any user to achieve optimum image quality by simply selecting one of these settings. Eliminates guesswork and reduces pre- and post-scanning labor costs.

SKIP BLANK PAGE Saves time, saves paper

Ideal for scanning simplex and duplex documents in the same batch, this feature can detect when the back side of a document is blank, and will delete it, based on user-controlled set parameters.

SCAN PANEL "Virtual efficiency"

A fast, easy way to change settings and separate batches during scanning, this feature pops up an on-screen, virtual panel, so you wonít have to scroll through layers of pull-down menus. Adjust contrast and brightness, change scanning modes and resolution, then simply press the START button to continue scanning.

Of course, itís compatible. Itís from Canon.

Connectivity is a breeze with a choice of ISISģ- or TWAIN-included drivers. Each allows the DR-3080CII to be used with todayís most popular scanning applications and software solutions. And when the workload demands, you can add options such as the Canon Endorser and Carrying Case for added productivity.

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