Microfilm Processing and Duplication

While microfilm continues to be a solid, streamlined method of document management and archiving, processing and duplicating microfilm can be difficult and time consuming.

River City Data provides high-end processing and duplicating services in a Kodak certified lab that make it easy and cost efficient for businesses to create microfilm images. River City Data technicians are experts in the complicated, precise process of developing and duplicating all microfilm formats, a process that requires expensive equipment to be run by a skilled professional.

Many businesses find it more cost-efficient to microfilm their own documents and rely on River City Data for processing from negative to finished microfilm.

In many cases, companies need duplicate copies of their original microfilm for daily retrieval and ongoing research. Duplication is a convenient safety feature that puts critical documents at your fingertips when you need them and assures peace-of-mind by allowing you to store the original microfilm in a secure off-site facility. Giving you the ability to recreate your documents in the event of a disaster.

River City Data's duplication and off-site vault services make it simple to create two copies of the same microfilm and ensure they remain intact no matter what.

Kodak Image Guard

Using Kodak film and an Image Guard Lab provides the greatest assurance possible that your film will last for many generations to come. Should a disaster such as fire or water damage ever occur the Kodak Disaster Recovery Program will provide for the disaster recovery of your film at no charge. To learn more click here.