Paper To Microfilm

While advancements in digital imaging systems have created incredible efficiencies for storing and retrieving documents, microfilm is still a safe, cost-effective method of document archiving and retrieval. In fact, all it takes is a magnifying glass and a candle to retrieve your documents. Microfilm’s longevity and simplicity of design make it an excellent choice for many businesses, as it will never be obsolete.

River City Data provides microfilming services in every standard format. Our systems experts make it easy to perform even the largest back file conversions, turning mountains of paper documents into useable data. The low cost of microfilm also makes it cost effective to have multiple copies in offsite storage.

We have several medical and legal clients with large ongoing conversions. Our experienced staff can quickly and accurately convert your documents to quality microfilm, whether it be one box of documents or one hundred boxes.

Kodak Image Guard

Using Kodak film and an Image Guard Lab provides the greatest assurance possible that your film will last for many generations to come. Should a disaster such as fire or water damage ever occur the Kodak Disaster Recovery Program will provide for the disaster recovery of your film at no charge. To learn more click here.

Film Storage

To keep your film in its best possible condition, it should be stored in a temperature and humidity controlled location. River City Data has access to such facilities, and for a small fee, we can store your film in a secure location to ensure it's longevity.