Paper To Digital Images

Despite the use of desktop computing and the ability to communicate via the Internet, modern businesses continue to produce mountains of paper documents. Paper takes up space, costs money to store and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to search for specific pieces of information.

River City Data can turn your paper documents into searchable, retrievable electronic data. Using state-of-the art document conversion systems to transform your paper documents into digital files, we can help you reallocate resources, increase productivity, and boost your bottom line.

Our paper to digital imaging services includes preparation, scanning, indexing and quality control. Documents can be stored in a multitude of file formats useable by a variety of systems.

Prior to converting paper documents to digital files, we become knowledgeable about your business and assist you in organizing the files into logical records sets and defining appropriate indices for retrieval. This is a crucial step in the document preparation, scanning and indexing process.

We can assist with large back file conversion, set up a day-forward imaging system, or a combination to meet your business needs. We can handle very small or very large projects.