Document Imaging Products

Converting paper documents into microfilm is still a cost-effective, efficient way of document imaging and archiving. River City Data Kodak certified document conversion center uses state-of-the art micrographics equipment from Kodak to ensure your document imaging system is able to reproduce, retrieve and preserve your documents flawlessly - every time.

We cary a full line of Cameras, Processors, Duplicators, Readers, Reader/Printers, Reader/Printer/Scanners, and Storage units. The experts from River City Data will help you pick the right micrographics equipments for your needs. Below are a just a few of the most popular pieces.

Microfilm Readers/Printers/Scanners

Canon Microfilm Scanner 300

Canon Microfilm Scanner 350

Canon Microfilm Scanner 800

Kodak 2400DSV-E & 3000DSV-E

Kodak i7300 Scanner

Microfilm Reader/Printers

Canon MP-60 Microprinter

Canon MP-90 Microprinter

Alos Z40 Reader/Printer

Alos Z43 Reader/Printer

Microfilm Processors

Prostar Archive Processor

Microfilm Image Writers

i9600 Series Archive Writers

Digital Image and Microfilm Scanners

Canon DR5060F

Check Microfilm Scanners

Canon RF550DII

Planetary Cameras

Alos Planetary 41

HandHeld COM Viewer

Model 456-120 Hand-Held Viewer