Support and Maintenance Services

Installation and implementation is only the first phase in creating a sophisticated document management system. Once the system is up-and-running it's imperative that users have the ability to troubleshoot problems and keep hardware in working order.

River City Data's help desk services can answer your questions about any facet of your document management system software -- from the simplest file retrieval to unexplained error messages.

Knowledgeable staff will talk you through the correction of any hardware issue including scanner malfunctions, document jams and system outages.

River City Data's Software Support Specialists are completely familiar with all aspects of the software to provide customers with the highest levels of service possible. With years of experience, the River City Data support team is a cornerstone upon which the company has built its reputation.

Sophisticated document management systems require regular maintenance to remain at their peak performance. River City Data's maintenance agreements cover everything from scheduled cleaning and replacement of scanner rollers and optics to database checkups.

River City Data doesn't consider the job finished after installation - we're there whenever you need us.