Kodak Image Guard

Prepare for the worst by using the best Kodak Microfilm. Even today, microfilm continues to be a low-cost, low-risk method of managing information and financial transactions and is the media of choice for secure, information storage. But are you prepared if something happens to your microfilm and you need to restore your images? If you use our film processing lab, you're protected thanks to Kodak's unique Disaster Recovery Program. In most cases, Kodak can rescue and restore your damaged film* absolutely free of charge.

Guard Against Physical and Fiscal Disaster

Using Kodak Microfilm to protect your information helps prevent devastation if and when disaster strikes. And while it's not always top of mind, a calamity may strike when you least expect it. Just think about the range of threats to your valuable information: - fire - sprinkler malfunctions - sewer backups - flooding due to a storm or fire-fighting - truck or plane crashes - theft. To make matters worse, if your information is damaged or destroyed, it can have far-reaching business consequences such as: - liability of corporate officers under federal law - financial loss of receivables - inconvenience that hurts operations - not to mention negative impact on your customers.

How Vulnerable Are You?

You may be surprised to realize just how valuable your information can be. And when you store it on Kodak Microfilm, the Kodak Disaster Recovery Program helps you make sure it's secure.

When It Comes To Quality Images, We Mean Business

Microfilm is much more stable than any other storage media. For example, digital files are subject to corruption and software compatibility issues over time. That's billions of dollars at risk that don't have to be.

Put simply, almost any business would be crippled by the loss of accounts receivable and valuable client information. Files of claims, personnel, tax, financial, and medical records are essential to maintaining service to customers. Their loss could put an entire company out of business. But thanks to Kodak, you can have peace of mind about your important information.

*Degree of success cannot be guaranteed due to varying degrees of damage that may be present on the film.