Secure Location

River City Data maintains a secure facility. All visitors are logged in and escorted at all times. All of our employees have been trained to keep your documents secure while they are in our possession, and are under a non-disclosure contract. Your documents are the life blood of your company, and we treat them as such.

Security Clearance

River City Data employees have gone through extensive background checks and are authorized by local utilities to scan their most secure documents.

Department of Defense

One of our River City Data employees has gone through The Department of Defense's Security Clearance Process and has been cleared for "Confidential" documents.

Product Excellence

Using Kodak film and an Image Guard Lab provides the greatest assurance possible that your film will last for many generations to come. Should a disaster such as fire or water damage ever occur the Kodak Disaster Recovery Program will provide for the disaster recovery of your film at no charge.

  • Our film is processed in our Kodak Image Guard Certified Laboratory. The Lab inspects your film for correct density. Most documents we film require a density of .9 to 1.1 when measured with a visual densitometer.
  • Every reel is inspected to ensure it has the ANSI specified resolution for its reduction ratio. Most of our film is shot at a 20x reduction. The ANSI specification for 20x film is that 112 line pairs can be resolved with a 100x loupe. Your film will always meet or exceed the ANSI standard for its reduction ratio.
  • Master microfilm that has any flaw is rejected and the documents are re filmed at our cost.
  • Each day our lab performs a residual thiosulfate test to ensure film has been rinsed to eliminate processing chemistry.
  • We also test daily to ensure conversion of image silver to silver sulfide to ensure proper Brown Tone conversion.

River City Data uses only genuine Kodak microfilm and chemistry for all silver original and duplicate rolls. We use the best, because our clients deserve the best.

Click Here for more information on the Kodak Image Guard Program