To Scan Or Not To Scan

Do you need to address your Records Management Policy?

  • Do you (the company) retain & refer to a large number of documents?
  • Is your records management labor-intensive?
  • Are you paying high rental costs to warehouse documents?
  • Do you have high physical storage costs for documents?
  • Is document security and control an important issue?
  • Do documents undergo multiple revisions?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  • What happens if your place of business is subject to fire or flood?
  • Do you have a constant flow of paper documents that must be processed & reviewed?
  • Do you have paper-handling backlogs?
  • Are your documents accessed by users in multiple locations?
  • Is revision control or keeping your documents current a problem?
  • Do you handle a high daily caseload?
  • Do you field a high number of queries?
  • Is there high growth of documents in your organization?
  • Will your operation benefit from speeding up document retrieval, filing & destruction?
  • Is document revision of critical importance?
  • Do you often call a customer back, after finding a file?
  • Do you have high retrieval demands?
  • Does your organization assign and manage by caseload?
  • Is the value of a missing document high?
  • Do you manually coordinate systems data with paper-based data?

If you answer YES to three or more of these questions then you need to address your records management policy!

What types of Professional Services do we offer?

The River City Data Professional Services Team includes multiple people with many years in the Document Management Industry. In addition, our staff of sales associates, support technicians, and conversion specialists are required to complete a comprehensive in-house technology training program before servicing potential customers. Here's a sample of what we can do to assist you:

  • Preliminary project survey
  • Requirements definition
  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical review of a proposed solution to identify risks
  • Customized Training and Documentation
  • Solution Installation, Integration and Customization
  • Records Management Consulting

Why not just use my own staff?

Much consideration needs to be taken when planning the installation and implementation of a document imaging system. Outsourcing your document imaging requirements to our team of professionals allows you to take advantage of today's leading edge technology, without absorbing the ongoing costs associated with maintaining the system.

Errors in document conversion leads to lost or unrecoverable documents. Our specialists use high volume equipment and specialized procedures that have the effect of reducing costs and increasing accuracy. We take the responsibility for a project of this size and importance and put it in the hands of professionals who can do the work cheaper and more accurately than you can in-house.

What does it cost? What size jobs will you take?

Each job is different, and it depends on your specific needs. We will always be willing to spend time assessing your needs and discussing your options with you completely free. Don't hesitate to let us show you what we can do for you.